Studies with obvious results

Write to the company and express your displeasure. I bet you get a free pair or at least a discount on some new ones.

If I’m ever dissatisfied with a product even slightly, I let them know. Nowadays with this new fangled thing called the electronic spider web or the interpol-net or whatever, it’s easier than ever to communicate with a copmpany.

A corollary to that is when I find a product that exceeds my expectations, I also let them know.

In the former situation, I often get a coupon for a free or discounted item. In the latter, sometimes then send me something similar.

Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

(it all started like 40 years ago. I like Titleist golf balls and my dad suggested i write and tell them. The sent me a sleeve of balls and said to share them with my fellow golfers to spread the word. Hmmmm, I thought. So I wrote several other golf ball manufacturers and sho’nuff they also sent me some free swag.)

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Absolutely positively YES.

At least… don’t use the high setting. I use medium.

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I only use the low setting on the dryer, with the exception of drying bath towels.

Same. Low for pretty much everything but towels and sheets unless sanitizing feature is needed.



Someone did an actual study on that???

I recall posting something on AO about the inverse correlation with television size, but I had almost no data backing it up.

Anyway, very fitting of the thread title, so well done.

I’m not so sure that this link belongs in this thread, but I find it ridiculous and a waste of money.

First: assume the paint is sentient…
Second: ???
Third: Profit!!

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The body’s probably well preserved.


Yep, I had Calc III at 8 AM and it didn’t go well. Didn’t help that there were a crap ton of fire alarms in my dorm in the middle of the night.

Negativity drives online news consumption: