Strange News

Conclusion: someone watched a movie.

It will turn out to be a publicity stunt.

Great, and like crop circles, people will start putting these everywhere if this ever became something.

Unless its dimensions have the ratio of 1:4:9 . . . it’s a fake. And not from a real fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Space Oddity? Possible.

From some of the pictures it looks like it’s actually a triangular prism shape.

You are right that the dimensions are way off if they were going for a 2001 thing.

and now there’s a small pyramid there

Since whoever is doing this is changing things up, I am curious where they’re going with this.

Sleuths found that it was placed some time between Aug 2015 and Oct 2016 according to review of satellite images.

And it isn’t a “Monolith” since it wasn’t a single piece of rock.

Didn’t take long for people to find it either. The Diesel brothers visited it with quite a group of people. And one of my friends posted a link to Google Earth for it.

And now somebody has moved it to Romania… or had a copy to put up in Romania

Shouldn’t we be looking for another monolith on the moon??? :alien:

I think that is what the Chinese are trying to do!

I feel like I am going to be disappointed/disgrunteld at the end result of all this. Like it’ll be some online poker place doing publicity or something.

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The people behind it if just need to know:

  1. Will you click on the article?
  2. What other nonsense will you also click?
  3. How fast do you finally drop down the QAnon hole?


So, people just had to go out and see it, trampling all over nature.
We had a similar, instragramification of a local natural formation. Got to the point where the local parks officials closed that part of the park down, as too many outsiders felt the need to visit.

It’s totally going to be a promo for an online casino or something

Not sure why media want to get pranked like this. The lack of investigative journalism is clearly a cause of this. And eye-ball business models.

“Hey, let’s make a dozen of these monoliths, then (tee-hee) just erect them, see what happens.”
“OK, the first one has finally been found. Now, let’s put one in,… Romania!!”
“OK, now Atascadero!!”

Oh, and here is some new news, from Vice (good source of investigative news, most of the time):

(my link was also from Vice)

Is this the payoff?

That’s even stranger than the metal structures…