Starbucks Order

I know Starbucks is a staple for many and shunned by others, but everyone has an order. What do you get at Starbucks?

I have 2 things depending on time of day and weather. If it’s the morning and it’s the first coffee of the day I get a Flat White with an extra shot. If it’s the afternoon and it’s nice I get a Nitro Cold Brew With Sweet Cream. If it’s cool later in the day I get a Flat White no extra shot.

Decaf cappuccino with whole milk.

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My morning order is a hot Americano. I make these at home too. For me, it is the perfect black cup of coffee.

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Grande latte.

Flat white or grande mocha (must be grande) if I feel like something sweeter. I like their Chai as well. I used to like Frappuccinos until I read that they had more calories than a Big Mac. Their straight coffee is horrible.

Thread creep - I’m a big fan of Caribou Dark Chocolate Mocha.

I rarely get Starbucks. If I do, it’s usually something seasonal. Sometimes a vanilla latte or mocha (with or without vanilla).

I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Starbucks. Maybe I’ve gotten a muffin at one in an airport terminal at some point.

Grande latte, non-fat.

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Starbucks is lame, but if i want coffee and it is right there, regular coffee with a little bit of milk and sugar. No fruffy drinks.

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I got the strawberry frappuccino once. I was about to get on an airplane, i hadn’t had supper, and didn’t really have time to get supper, so i grabbed the drink.

It was delicious. But i couldn’t finish it, because it was so damn filling. And i was left awkwardly holding this partially-full cup for the first half hour of the flight, when i finally was able to ask the flight attendant to throw the rest away.

I was totally unsurprised to read they have a gazillion calories.


I only get fraps once in a while and even then I ask for non-fat and half sweet.

Flat white since it was introduced, previously I would flip flop between a wet cappuccino and a macchiato. I will sometimes try the new seasonal stuff, but they’re generally way too sweet.

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The people that work there always say your welcome when I say thank you.

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And I got in trouble for using dew.

The emoji is technically “sweat”. :heart_eyes:

Not Starbucks, but I just found out yesterday that a Philz opened near me There is one near my office that I would go to periodically, and have not been since the before times.

This morning got myself a Silken Splendor (drip coffee). It was every bit as good as I remembered.

am I the only person who just gets coffee at Starbucks or what


uh, did you even read my post?

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