Spring 2021 Thread

Going to start this thread. Hoping to get this done and finally getting ACAS.

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I looked at my profile on CAS and I realized for VEE, I have VF and VE.
Do ya’ll also have just two? I thought there were three.

I’m pretty sure I applied to get credit for all three.

There are only two; either MAS-I or II gives you credit for the third.

Is that right?

Yes - there was an exam structure change back in 2015 or 2016 where the result was that if you pass Exam S (at the time) you don’t need the VEE for probability. Now that has been replaced with MAS-II? So the VEE for probability is really an SOA thing to my knowledge.

Thanks dude.

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How’s everyone’s studying going?
Work has been busy as heck

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Going to finish my first run this weekend.
Going to focus more on reading materials closely to close knowledge gaps, and taking notes. Hoping to spend about a month on this.

Finally started again. This would normally be very late, but I’ve already looked at this stuff for 2 years.

RBC changes seem significant. If there’s not a question on the new RBC structure then frankly what was the point?

Certified reinsurers calc for provision for reinsurance also has my eye as likely. That hasn’t been asked much recently, but the calculation change was supposedly done because the old version was overly complicated. Because it’s simplified…seems like an obvious candidate.

Private flood is still relevant to current events so likely, imo.

Haven’t dug into updated Dearie or Webel yet so don’t have commentary yet.

I have no advice on taking the actual exam. My own experience suggests I have none to give there.

Let’s get it in Spring!

My ‘relevant comments’ knowledge is apparently a little rusty, but the rest of COPFLR is pretty solid if anyone has any questions.

It’s a lot to memorize. Sheesh. I’m going over the manual for the second time, and I feel 3rd time is needed. Perhaps even 4th before hitting the practice exams.

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For those of you wondering how price optimization goes over with regulators - Michigan Regulators, Allstate Car Insurance Pricing - Consumer Reports

Been following since the original report came out of Maryland. I’m not convinced there’s enough sophistication in the regulatory framework to actually prove they’ve done anything wrong at the moment. More likely outcome is DOIs simply restricting what variables can be used with more explicit definition imo.

My strategy has been to spend a lot of time on the flashcards that come with TIA. Like 100-200+ a day. When I start getting a lot of the same flashcards wrong or similar topic flashcards wrong I go back to that section of the manual. Starting to phase into practice problems more.

these tia manuals and sample questions are so hard to follow

Where is everyone in their studying so far?

Whatever I read, it makes sense but I keep finding myself forgetting things. There is just a ton to memorize.