Spring 2021 Thread

Wrapping up Odomirok/Financial stuff today and then onto the ever so thrilling COPLFR!

This is my third go around and the material just gets worse every time.

Flash cards!

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I plan on going through flash cards once I"m done with my 2nd review of the manual.
I’m actually about to jump into COPLFR tomorrow.
Let’s get this!

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Truth. I’m so tired of COPFLR. Important to note the definition of a qualified actuary is now like a 4pt question just by itself if you include exceptions to exceptions. More likely to show up in one of those ‘spot the errors or omissions in the Identification language’ type questions I’d guess, possibly as a red herring.

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I’m going to spend a week just dissecting COPLFR. The first time around, it was such a blur.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a lot of new information was added to Odomirok. Big changes to RBC, expanded on IFRS, ORSA, Taxation, a few other minor additions I have noticed too. I hope there isn’t much more along the way. I don’t know how much more information I can retain.

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In general it was a pretty significant syllabus change. The RBC additions aren’t bad. R4/R5 are still the most complicated components, at least one of which showed up on the last 2 published exams after not making an appearance for awhile. Suggests a trend of RBC being an important topic for which I’d recommend everyone flat out know all the calculations. Spend time on this.

Agreed here on knowing RBC well. I think the Cat and operational risk are fairly straight forward. A few odd additions to RBC though - specifically the low income housing credit and the working capital finance investments. Seems like there’s no excess RBC for Bonds in R0 anymore either (unless I missed something). I definitely need to go back and review the credit risk changes. Would be nice if it was all in one chapter!


Also, could CAS at least put bookmarks in for Odimirok on the PDF? Bad enough it’s only one single combined PDF currently. Separate links to each reading are ‘coming soon’ but trying to find something in there at the moment is gross.

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If you need the individual PDFs, I downloaded them before the website change. Happy to send along.


ugh I just feel what I studied/memorized a few days ago keeps eluding my mind.

Score. Reports. Come on…:angry:

email from CAS that says nothing about detailed reports.

What do you guys mean?

Score reports for failing the last sitting. Supposed to come out ‘mid-Feb’ and then ‘mid-Mar’ but no update since Feb 21st that I’ve seen.

Schedule F looks quite different.

Yeah. That update’s been a long time coming. It was been really annoying looking at our own annual statements and things not actually matching the syllabus.

I assume a few questions from the new materials to the syllabus are guaranteed to appear on the exam? What do you guys think?

1 or 2. The traditional core material will still be paramount.

I’d peg RBC as most likely, including the new components. Then flood. RBC is already heavily tested, and flood privatization is still very relevant currently (there’s a presentation on it in tomorrow’s CASE meeting in fact).