Spicy Regret

If there’s one thing I regret not doing when we were 100% WFH it was eating spicy food.

I just realized this when I declined something spicy yesterday because I had to go the office.

Missed opportunity imo.

Why? What’s so special about “being in the office” the precludes the enjoyment of spicy food?

I would have to poop and I make sure I do whatever I can to having to use a public toilet

I kind of enjoy not needing to clean my work bathroom.

Even if they had anything better than 1-ply that would be a tough sell for me.

I enjoy freely passing gas when I WFH, and burping as loud as possible.


My mouth enjoys food way spicier going in than the rest of me enjoys later IFKWIM. Going to the office would not affect this decision process, as I have no issues with pooping in the office.

Boss makes a dollar, you make a dime…, amirite???


I was working a big name lifeco years ago where they had the worst TP!!! :-1:

Gotta keep that solvency up!!!

I have long held the belief that you can judge a company by their employee bathrooms. When I interview, I always make certain to take a restroom break to check them out.


Check for any upper deckers?

Or possibly Snake is leaving one?

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Trying to ward off other candidates.


One of the things I don’t miss from ancient history, before I was WFH, were the notices/reminders that apparently had to be posted in/around the restrooms, reminding people of what not to attempt flushing down the toilet, etc.

I also don’t miss having to have a company/property-issued card or a code to access the bathroom.

I suppose I could put some kind of a fancy smart lock on my bathroom door to simulate office life, but…

You should. And rip out the toilet closet and replace it with the metal divider with the 12" gap at the bottom. Neon lights everywhere. You’ll never miss the office again!

Sounds like you worked in an interesting office if you had neon lights in your bathroom.


It’s been several years, but I want to say they did have neon lights even in the bathrooms.

I think you mean flourescent.

Duh, that’s the word. English are hard today.

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