Spelling Bee

Same. Last word was TINILY - had to find the tiny part of my brain that remembered that word.

Need 1 more for Saturday, and it’s a pangram. I needed hints to get the other pangram (NONVALID), but reached genius before that happened.

Got the second pangram - I’m on a hot streak

QB today after coming up 1 short yesterday

I missed Deicide yesterday, which I have missed before and will miss again. Today was fairly quick.

Got yesterday - took a while.
Today’s was quick.

Took awhile to get HABOOB. I think I’ve heard that word before, but didn’t remember it.

Missed that one, and I’m one away from today’s as well.

Just finished today’s.




Gripe inspired by today: I don’t like it when the last word is basically an alternate spelling of another one I already have.

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:looks at total word count:

Okay, made genius without the grid, I’m outta here.

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How could they not accept BORG? I should complain but I’m afraid that resistance is futile.


Isn’t that the common term for really good tennis players who live in cubes?

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Been off by a couple of words the last few days. Got to QB today.

QB with no hints


Got QB for the 3rd day in a row, but spammed some letter combos at the end. And am as always annoyed that muon and monic and monoid aren’t words.


QB two days in a row! Though I needed the grid both days and some hints yesterday.

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Got there pretty quickly today too. Used the grid for the last couple of words.