Spelling Bee

NYT no longer requires a subscription to progress beyond the “Solid” rank, so… post your Spelling Bee scores here if you play.

(I can’t figure out how to copy and paste anything other than the rank… if you do, please share.)

Not familiar with the game? Check it out here:

August 27
21 words
106 points
1 pangram

I get this message when I follow your link:

Mine stopped after 6 words. Are you not allowed to make mistakes?

Or it looks like I need to subscribe

I used to play something similar called Blossom. But the point was to make long words, keying on highlighted letters

Weird… mine used to do that and then mysteriously stopped and let me keep playing about a week ago.

I assumed NYT made a change. Maybe it’s just me.

Super weird!

Ok, maybe something is bizarrely wrong with mine that’s allowing me to play … dunno.

I’m getting an error when I try to play today.
I have a subscription.

Wordle won’t load either

Weird! I’m not. I can play today just fine and have reached Amazing… still trying for Genius though.

I played Wordle at midnight-ish, but I can’t get into it now either. Oh, nor Spelling Bee in a new window, but in the window I was already playing it in it’s fine.

worked this morning on my phone, not working now on my computer

Yeah, there’s a problem on NYT’s end if this many of us are having issues.

Mine is working now. Hopefully just a glitch and it’s all good now

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I have to subscribe, so it stopped me at 40 points.

Well I hope I didn’t subscribe by accident. It used to stop me whenever I got to “Solid” level. But now it just lets me keep going.

I’m currently at 92 points / “Amazing”, but hoping to get enough to move to Genius level.

1 pangram so far today.

I don’t even follow how the points are assigned. Is it just 1 point per letter per word? Any bonus for pangrams?

1 point for 4-letter words, then 1 point per letter starting with 5-letter words, pangrams get a 7-point bonus

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So a five-letter word is worth 2 points or 5?

I assume it’s 1 point for the first four letters and another point for each additional letter?

5 points

Wow… 5 letter word is 5 points and a 4 letter word is 1? Interesting.

Was really struggling to get to genius, and like magic, I think of a good 11-letter word