Spelling Bee

Maybe it helped that I’ve had a lot of NA beers lately.

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I never miss that one :joy: my Indian neighbor often brings me food that she makes. Soooo good. And for the Summer both her mom and aunt are visiting and they love to cook! :joy:. I trade them tomatoes from my garden and strawberry rhubarb jam that I make. I grow the rhubarb bc it’s hard to find at the store.

Got QB on 9 out of the last 10, only miss was NANKEEN on Tuesday. Today I used the grid after reaching Genius (as I usually do) but not the 2-letter list.

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I’ve been running pretty well lately too. Had plenty of downtime lately to ponder the last few words each day. Also missed on NANKEEN. hopefully will remember it if it comes up again.

QB today

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Finally got QB yesterday, used the grid for OUTGUN but got the others without it.

QB today. Grid for last couple.

Was just 5 points from genius and really struggling to find another word. Then I got some CLARITY.. Let’s see if I can keep my QB streak alive (currently 8 days).

Did you?

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I did

Lol no it tripped me up again.

The good thing about this game is that playing it for a while you eventually get to remember the obscure words. Although it sometimes takes several times to remember it!

Yeah, I’ve been lolloped by those words several times myself

Grrrr … puzzle so small I banged out QB on my phone before getting out of bed. Now what am I going to do during breakfast?

Letter box thread needs more players! :joy:

I haven’t gotten into letter box yet. My youngest loves strands.

Also got to QB quickly today.

Letter boxed I have a hard time getting it done in two. Can usually get there in 3 though

Took me a while to get my last word - CELLULE. I’m pretty sure it’s been a word before.

Finally got there today. Took forever to think of the pangram

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Finished up before bedtime.

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