Spelling Bee

4/3 rant: Dumbest pangram ever. It’s two words. And for it to be 15.5% of the total points?


Nothing like a good Spelling Bee rant.

FWIW “cowlike” was NOT considered a word in Letterboxed today.

Perhaps cuteness is a factor for NYT to decide what is and is not a word. :woman_shrugging:

Several questionable words in today’s, but no PUKEY??

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Pretty sure NYT is going to catch some flak for saying RAPING is not a word :grimacing:

Maybe they just want to avoid controversy. I can’t believe they didn’t accept PIKA today. That’s not obscure at all imo.

Bc I think you need a C and not a K, no?

Or am I thinking of a different word?

Two different words. One is a cute furry animal and the other one is the typing thing.

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Having tough time finding pangram today, might be able to get genius without it.

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it’s pretty obscure imo. Luckily it just popped into my head.

I’m in the same boat. Still working on it.

Yep, maybe will come to me during my workout. At least I got genius.

I’ve tried ATTACKRABBI and RABBITTRICK but nothing seems to be working here. I figured the latter would work, as in Silly RABBITTRICKs are for kids

Finally got it - never heard the term before


I think I first heard it many years ago watching coverage of the Rodney King riots in L.A.

A friend said they got it because it was a lyric in a Decembrists song

Third straight QB, needed the hints after genius, last word involved a lot of trial and error but finally discovered DENGUE - never heard the word before

Something I learned from experience. Never heard of GADDED but once I remembered that occasionally a six letter word is a past tense version of a 3-letter word, I tried all the different 3 letter possibilities.

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Broke my QB streak on Saturday but got yesterday and today.