Some people are just better than you

It’s time to accept that.

There are people that are hotter than you that are also nicer than you.

There are rich people that live more fulfilling lives than you

There are famous people that are much happier than you

Stop telling yourself that because someone is better than you that there must be some deficiency in their lives that “you don’t want to be them anyway”

Your life is not that great. And until you recognize that, it’ll continue to not be great.

Welcome to my ted talk.

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I don’t compare my life to anyone else’s. Why would I? Comparison is the thief of joy.


I have the most threads. I know you all wanna be like me but face it, I’m better than you.


My grand hypothesis of economics states that lifestyles are priced in such a way you’d be indifferent choosing between them, so it really doesn’t matter what you do.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard that saying. It’s very wise. I see that Theodore Roosevelt is credited with it…and also Mark Twain and C. S. Lewis…so I’m going to start using it now & attribute it to NerdAlert.


Didn’t you read that part in Paradise Lost where Lucifer gets sent to Hell and he’s like screw that we’ll make our own Heaven with blackjack and stuff?

btw, I accepted this a long tim ago.

People are especially better at speeling and profreading than I am.

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Yeah, I figured out that some people are better than I am when I was a kid. Not seeing a lot of potential for discussion here.


The key to happiness is low expectations!


the comparison might not be explicit though.

for example, a lot of people thought jaskent must be very unhappy

or that they don’t want to be the kardashians, etc. etc.

all screams insecurity to me. Don’t put down others to make yourself feel good, when you know they have it better than you

which is why it was used by one of the speakers at the recent NDSU graduation I attended!

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Oh, I’m pretty sure JASkent was unhappy. He tried MUCH too hard to look better than the rest of us. MrGrim, on the other hand, seemed like an extremely happy man. He might have been before your time, but he basically retired early to have children with a pair of beautiful women in Europe.

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When I’m at the beach I use a lot of sunscreen, so some people are just redder than I.


See this is what I’m talking about. You need jaskent to be unhappy. Would it be such an injustice if he’s actually one of the happiest people?

Dude was posting on the AO, purportedly, from a Brazilian beach on vacation.

It wouldn’t be an injustice, I just happen to think it’s unlikely. He didn’t post the way happy people post.

I know a lot of people who are richer and smarter than I am, and I think a lot of them are very happy, too. Most of those people got lucky in where they worked (they made a mint when their start-up sold/went public) but I also know some very happy people who live on inherited money. And you know, they don’t talk the way JASkent did. They just live their happy lives.

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how do happy people post? Not to come for you specifically, but does this also coincide with how it makes you feel? i.e. happy people post pleasant things

What if someone who posts the most condescending things and is absolutely vile to everyone, but in doing so actually attains utmost happiness because that’s what makes him/her happy

But actually, being extremely rich creates a lot of reasons to be unhappy. I was talking about it with a friend just this weekend. He has cousins who are extremely wealthy – so much that they (or one of them, anyway) was on the list of 100 wealthiest people in the US back in the day. (Their money was from NY real estate, and they’ve been eclipsed by high-tech wealthy, but they are still extremely rich.) My friend said his cousin HATED being on that list. He felt it made him and his family kidnapping risks. Random people were constantly asking him for money. He always doubted whether people who were friendly with him actually liked him, or were just sucking up to get a shot at his money. It’s better to be rich than to be poor, but it’s probably better to be a little rich than to be a lot rich.

By and large, I do think happy people either talk about things they enjoy, or stuff they are doing, or about the broader world, or about ideas, and don’t spend a lot of emotional energy putting other people down. But there are exceptions. I think Win Diesel was probably a pretty happy dude, despite being an asshole.


this is a moving goal post which gets to exactly what I’m talking about though.

anyone who says this is probably in the “a little” rich category. We find ways to make ourselves feel better. Not the way to live imo. Don’t discredit others’ lives.