Sock sock shoe shoe? Or sock shoe sock shoe?

  • Sock sock shoe shoe
  • Sock shoe sock shoe
  • I wear 42 socks on one foot instead of shoes

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Which do you do most often?

Watching two people do it wrong - according to Archie Bunker - in the past week, made me think of this clip and wonder what the distribution looks like.

Will try to make a poll with my phone :grimacing:

Sock, shoe, sock, shoe.
My foot is already on the opposite knee, so might as well put the shoe on directly after, instead of bring legs up four separate times. Saves time.


Sock sock, shoe shoe. Unless I’m somewhere with a dirty or wet floor like a locker room, then it sock shoe, sock shoe.

I usually put on socks before pants.

I usually put on my socks while standing up.


I often put socks on long before shoes. And I only do that when it’s cold. The shoes are all the way downstairs by the door. :woman_shrugging:


Also idk how to do a poll with my phone.

Click edit, then the gear to select “build poll”

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Sock sock shoe shoe.

I’ll do S-S-Sh-Sh when my shoes are somewhere else. Not getting all OCD on this daily task.

Sock-sock-shoe-shoe. Unless it’s Sandle-sandle.


Too bad we can’t bump old AO threads as this was discussed on there as well.

I’m usually not putting them on at the same time, so then it’s sock-sock-long gap-shoe-shoe.

But if I’m putting them on at the same time, then usually

Exception that proves the rule: getting dressed after a massage. Then I want to get the socks on quickly so my bare feet aren’t touching the floor any longer than necessary.

Sock Sock Shoe Shoe unless I’m getting changed in a bathroom stall for some reason, then it’s Sock Shoe Sock Shoe

Thanks! Got it!

I usually put on both socks while standing up, but sit down to put on my shoes. But I’m also in the “if the floor is wet s sh s sh” camp.

This. On the odd day when I wear dress shoes I get them from the closet in the master bedroom. But most days I put on socks in the morning and then throw on the tennis shoes I keep by the back door.

Taking them off? Sh-Sh-S-S.

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Is anyone disturbed that he has a shoe inside a bedroom

If it’s good enough for Archie Bunker, it’s good enough for me.

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You’re going to be horrified to find out I wear my shoes everywhere inside my house.

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Generally, I’m wearing socks for hours before I put on any shoes