SOA Participation Gifts

It’s that time of year again… when we look over the SOA tchotchkes and pick a prize!

Alas, I have only 91 out of a potential 100 points, so maybe I’m missing a special 100% prize…

I think I’m going to get another fleece, because I really like the one I already have, but it’s starting to show wear.

also, I’m not making fun of y’all SOA, but when I saw this:


I could only think of Golgafrincham Ark B

It’s that time of year again!

Let’s see what the goodies are this year (alas, I did not max out in points. Maybe someone else can tell us what 100 pts gets you. I have a mere 91…again)

Mmmm, maybe I’ll get that 24 can cooler tote!


Nothing else really “speaks” to me…but maybe Stu would prefer the power bank. I’ll ask him later.


Do I have to go through a different website than

ETA: Never mind: I found it!!

Stu wanted the power bank. We have enough coolers.

I got the cooler. I mean 24 cans?!?! Hell Yeaah!

I wanted the polo. But that didn’t show up unfortunately.

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Getting the 24 can cooler too!!!

I don’t think I qualified for anything this year :shrug:

Just got an email that we’re getting a different type of cooler bag. As long as it holds beverages and has the SOA logo on it, I’m OK with the substitution.

I like my cooler bags the same way I like my calculators - SOA-logo’d

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I got my mug last week.

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The one I sent to @T-roy has the Holy Trinity: SOA, CIA, and CAS!!! :guitarwo:

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I liked how it looked in the e-mail and wouldn’t have even known it wasn’t what I ordered

maybe a better picture, the prior looks nicer now that I am comparing
though this is flat and the prior looks full


My tote bag just arrived!!!

I’m using miy tote bag in St Thomas V.I. Has been a conversation starter everywhere.


I’ve been using my mug at my morning recruiting events.


i have worn SOA things, without ever receiving a comment

this is what i am wearing today

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Oooooh!!! Oooooooh!!! If I fill in a CIA member survey, I can get some CIA swag!!! :gift: :gift_heart: