SOA ImpACT 2022

Normally I don’t like crowds. Or people. But there was an extra exhibitor pass and they’re letting us use the CORPORATE JET so…

Come see me at the SAS booth and I will absolutely try to pretend to like you. We also have FREE mini golf Monday evening (with drinks!). Free for you, not free for me if you show up - please make my life harder by forcing me into explaining why mini golf was so expensive.

I also have 3 extra thumbs up trophies that I am hand engraving(?) with stickers that are so small that you need tweezers to stick them on (pics might follow) and you could probably win one for unspecified reasons that I haven’t come up with yet.


That is my last gold S for obvious reasons so only the truly special will receive this award :+1:

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I have a comment, but it’s not professional, and this is a professional section.

Some of us will be attending virtually. :cry:

Let’s meet half way between the professional and unprofessional sections to exchange semi-unprofessional comments.

There are no virtual mini golf sessions. I might be able to create you a virtual trophy, but I won’t like it.

“Not free” because a round of golf with me would be costly in many, many different ways?

I’m here! I’m the young man (well, middle-aged) who is limping like an old man because of my long run yesterday morning. Find me at the Montoux booth or part of the panel on Tuesday afternoon about Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness (wrong title, I’m sure, but you get the point).


Better than auditor of the month trophy imo

Alas, I will not be there, live or virtually.

It’s kind of a busy time for us (in Insurance Research… the software people are obviously there w/ the other vendors) and I’ve got to go to a different thing as well as wrap up some publications, yadda yadda.

Have a fun time!

I sad. Me cry. :sob:

I decided to attend virtually after getting so sick in August. And I’m bummed bc I could have flown in early and spent yesterday in the lazy river.


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okay, which of y’all did I meet? I have to ask 'cause none of you look like your avatars.

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I do. But you’ve met me. And I wasn’t in Orlando.


I’m virtual.

This rolled up newspaper stayed home.

I was the one that pretty much kept to myself, maybe seemed a little stand-off-ish, made bizarre comments about things, and laughed at inappropriate times.

Me too.