So uh, how much are you going out these days?

I’ve actually left the house a few times because I’m not that paranoid and I think 2.5 years of not leaving the apartment would be too hard to mentally handle, but I still get all my groceries delivered, haven’t met up with any friends for anything and have gone to the office a couple times for some mandatory meetings. I also run outside for exercise but I do wear a mask to stay safe.

From March-Dec 2020 I left my house once to get medical care. The other approximately 304 days I did not leave.

In 2021 I left the house to get medical care and once I got vaccinated I got brave enough to do things like run and lift weights a few times a week and get some McDonald’s but once Delta hit I stopped getting McDonald’s. When Omicron hit I maintained my fitness outings since not exercising was starting to give me health issues that I needed to get care for but otherwise it was back to staying home. I make sure to do it at 5 AM to avoid as many people as possible.

2022 with omicron still around I still get groceries delivered and only leave for exercise and mandatory office meetings where I try to sit in a corner away from everyone else. I’m considering trying to get some kind of exemption from these meetings to create an airtight barrier between me and the rest of society.

Did any of you manage to isolate successfully for the entirety of the pandemic? I certainly haven’t…probably gonna get the omicron at some point…but I really, really ought to at least go see a dentist…

you wear a mask outdoors while running? that’s complete overkill and sounds unpleasant.

I do and I ran a half marathon to convince myself that all those anti maskers were a bunch of morons. I might just go run a full marathon just to convince myself that they are doubly stupid.


but the chance of catching covid outdoors is miniscule, so…

Maybe if I lived in like, the po’. But I don’t. When people smoke nearby I can still smell the smoke which means some particles are getting though that mask.

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Oh yeah and that’s gross man, smoking. So I’m wearing the mask from now on even with out the rona.

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i live in manhattan, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. i don’t wear a mask to walk around outside. still haven’t caught it.

who you think you talking to here?

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Still I mean, when you smell that cigarette smoke it’s like ewwww dude I just breathed in air that you just breathed in, that’s nasty!


i stopped wearing a mask at most indoor things too. i go to the supermarket. getting groceries delivered cause you fear a virus, kinda lame.

i was afraid of the supermarket in 2020. i got over it. don’t wear a mask there either.

i will wear a mask on flights though and on public transit.

I caught a cold in 2011, another one in 2016, and also one in 2020 right before covid. Each time sucked balls and I don’t want another one.

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i did wear a mask to go outside in 2020. that was lame. most of us have moved way past thinking you can catch it walking down the block. we were told in 2020 to do that if you were passing people which you’re continually doing in manhattan. but very few people do that anymore.

um, you only caught a cold 3 times in the last 11 years? weird.

Yeah 3. I had a lot when I was a kid but the rate went down a lot in my 20s. I still get them every few years or so.

But with the mask…maybe even less I hope.

i had 2 viruses in 2020 with barely leaving the house. one i caught while getting tested for covid with the first virus. the 2nd one was a cold. the first, dunno, but it wasn’t covid. i don’t think i had any viruses in 2021, just chronic fatigue. so far none in 2022, but i’ve been risking it by flying a lot to get away from my neighbors.

I think the main thing was like, the babies. Each time it was literally after I was within the vicinity of a freakin’ baby. Those things are like viral incubators, I swear. As long as I mask, and avoid the babies, I’ll be okay.

i used to get a lot of colds in the office back in the before times when going to an office was a thing.

but even the pro maskers have lightened up a ton on that, so you wearing a mask to run a marathon is not something most people would do, even those who were pro mask in 2020.

Studies show that if you run an actual marathon, as in like the actual race with thousands of people, you’re more likely to get sick than if you just run a marathon alone so alone it is.

well sure, if you’re around people you’re more likely to get sick, but you’re gonna run this marathon ALONE WITH A DAMN MASK? who the heck is getting you sick in this scenario?