So uh, how much are you going out these days?

oh right, you don’t live in the po. you’re still not getting sick running outside. you’re just not.

I still pass by a few people on the trail, even at 5 AM.

who you’re near for seconds while outdoors? you’re not catching covid that way.

Alright ms. wiseperson, if that’s the case then why did millions upon millions get covid over the last few months?

not from walking around outside, that’s for sure.

also, i didn’t! eventually i probably will. the biggest risk i take is flying to get away from my neighbors. thus far i haven’t caught covid on a flight though nor at the things i did in the city i went to, even though covid was rampant during some of those times.

my sister got covid in december. she would take classes at the gym and realized she had covid while partying in ac. the gym is a freaking germ magnet. she really wasn’t careful at all.

my mother not sure. her covid is a bit of a mystery. she did mundane things like go food shopping and went out to dinner and BAM COVID!

is your wife on board with rarely leaving the apartment either?

She actually hasn’t left at all. I’m the one taking all the risks in bringing up the food and getting the packages.

and the running around outside recklessly with a mask.

Oh, except when she got vaccinated, of course.

wow, sounds like you and your wife are a perfect match with your covid paranoia.

Yo, there’s like a million plus 'muricans pushing them daisies. I don’t think my fears are unwarranted.

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i barely go anywhere cause i haven’t felt well most of the last year from this mystery illness and also cause i don’t have a life to begin with.

i mean barely go anywhere outside of escaping my apartment to fly far far away from here that is. right now i’m stuck at my apartment though. i went out walking to get some steps earlier. NO MASK

i think the death rate was higher prior to vaccines. there are the few healthy people who have long lasting issues from omicron after being vaccinated where it does scare me a bit, such as twig. however, my mother and sister recovered just fine. actually, also my father, but my father is old and feeble as it is. his 2020 covid bout did not kill him though. if he got it again, i don’t know if he would be as lucky, but so far he hasn’t gotten it again and hopefully won’t.

i also fear it a bit for myself because i have chronic fatigue which i don’t have right now, but it will most definitely come back since i’m stuck in my apartment right now. but whatever is killing me in my apartment is worse than covid, so i need to escape again at some point.

a lot of people stopped being overly cautious once they got vaccinated though.

AND there is now a covid pill that you can pop and rid yourself of covid. my mother’s brother rid himself of covid super fast with said pill.

not sure if people under 50 qualify though.

I went out a lot in the early times, mainly because my wife wouldn’t.
I’m not as chicken-shit as you.
Then again, I did get COVID before vaccines were available to me.

Been to the dentist the regular number of times. I make sure I’m the first patient in. My dentist is quite up to date on cleanliness.

Are you 65+?
Are you in good shape?
Do you have lung issues of any kind? (Asthma, terrible allergies, etc.)

Yeah, you do. It’s a heavily populated po’.

why do you need to make sure you’re the first patient in?

i went to the dentist once during covid, in june 2021. i guess i’m due again, but the time before that was probably close to 5 years so i was really really due. june 2021 wasn’t that covidy so it was a good time to go.

i don’t want to like jinx things, but i don’t personally know anyone who died from covid, but do know a ton of people who had covid.

my uncle might have died partially due to issues with covid weaking him a few months later, but he was 94, so that’s not a given and he didn’t have covid when he died.

also, you’re not 94 CS.

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