So uh, do you guys think Putin will invade Ukraine or what

or…are his troops merely passing by…

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I guess depending on what you mean by invade he’s already done it, but I mean like, the troops that are currently amassed at the borders, they gonna go in?

Seems like it would be rude to make 175,000 guys sit there in the cold for no reason. Maybe Putin is trying to emulate Bridgegate.

Why are we worrying about Russia? it’s not even close to a super power.

I think most people are worried about the extent to which we’d be involved.

I don’t want hundreds of thousands of people to die horribly?

is ukraine our territory or something? Why do we care?

Have we stepped foot in Tibet yet?

Ukraine is a great example of a place where if the EU really wanted to be a Euro-version of the US they’d take charge.

One positive thing Trump did was point out the absurdity of Germany prancing out with so little military spending and NATO contribution.

Pretty sure that’s the opposite of America’s agenda. We caused hundreds of thousands of people to die in the past couple decades.

We had to save lots of villages!

If Mexico was threatening to invade Belize then maybe we should get involved. This is a European problem.

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I think most people don’t want to participate but America has a history of participating in wasteful foreign wars.

start by prepping for the Taiwan Strait imo

Maybe we should have invaded Belize, just to get John McAfee.

Taiwan is a tricky one. I’m not exactly itching to sign up to be shot at over protecting an island a world away, but it is a democracy and there is value in the US protecting democracies and I’d probably be more willing to sign up to defend Japan or Korea, but they’re more formal US allies.

TIL, Japan is a formal US ally

Taiwan is weird, they haven’t really been democratic until the late 80s or so and was until then run by a group of thugs who were probably as bad as Mao. Their only redeeming quality I guess was “Mao bad” but anyone could just say that for them US bennies.

If we’re willing to go to war for oil, we better defend Taiwan, since it has a monopoly on semiconductor production

I’m definitely not signing up for wars simply because they’re less bad than defending oil fields

But if China gets control of Taiwan’s infrastructure, the US is fucked