Sleep Number Bed or …?

I like to feel sheets before i buy them.

Anyway, I’m also in team “queen”. I’ve slept in king size beds, and it’s just wasted space. I don’t find it any more comfortable than the queen. Well, except i guess once i shared a bed with a friend i wasn’t super close with, and was glad for that vast expanse of bed. But I don’t feel awkward sleeping a foot away from my husband.

I slept on futons in Japan. I loved them, and it took me maybe half an hour to get used to it. And then i moved to a Western-style hotel. And the whole damn room was taken up by the bed. We had SO much more space with the traditional Japanese set up.

I liked it so much i considered modifying my bedroom. But it gets to be quite the project. And i have no idea how one can buy proper tatami mats in America. (Yeah, the internet. But do i trust it?) But tatami mats really smell nice.

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bought my futons and tatami mats from amazon. Not sure if they still sell them though

We did a split King from Avocado, as an upgrade from our Temperpedic a few years ago.
Eventually got adjustable bases, which lead to twin xl fitted sheets.
But prior to the adjustable bases, we just used king fitted sheets over both mattresses