Sleep Number Bed or …?

I didn’t see a topic for beds—if this should go somewhere else let me know.

Mr aj and I have decided it is time for a new bed. We are not small people and we have been sleeping on a full size bed for years bc we have a small house. Also we’ve never even had a proper bed. Currently we have the frame that we bought with our adjustable mattress and a headboard that is not attached.

We decided this will be our 35th anniversary gift to ourselves since nice vacations seem to elude us.

So we’d like to upsize to a queen and we are thinking of a sleep number bed but we haven’t even started looking yet.

I welcome your feedback…

We like our sleep number. I like my bed soft, my husband needs a firm mattress for back support. We didn’t pay extra for the heated footsies or the incline, but are quite happy with the purchase several years in.

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We bought a sleep number queen, pretty basic, many years ago. Liked it, upgraded to a king with incline about 3 years ago. Still use the queen in a vacation home. The queen model we bought may no longer be available.

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wow, i have a queen and i live in a studio apartment and sleep alone. no way i’d share a full…or really any bed. i need my own space. have you considered separate beds as the anniversary gift? seems sharing a full size bed for this long and you’ve earned your own space.

I have a queen and my wife and I are not big. I would 1000% recommend a king bed and whenever we do change beds the new one will be a king.

Never had a sleep number, so can’t comment on that. I have a Tempur-pedic and like it.

Ive slept on ikea memory foam mattresses and really like them.
Interms of size,.depends on how you sleep. Most people would prefer a queen so that theres some space, but i prefer a smaller bed. I think im an outlier though.

In terms of furniture, same thing here. We used the set my aunt bought in the 70s until our 25th, it was the last decent furniture we bought. But then we spent the money on a really goood set.

Lol, I did propose this as an option but hubby said no way. We’ll keep the old bed though as it would be nice to have an extra bed. We’ll have to rearrange but that’s another topic.

I’m not sure we would be able to walk around a king bed in our bedroom. When we’ve slept in king beds in hotels they really feel bigger than we need.

I should add that we are probably 6 months out from purchasing but I’m excited about the prospect.

I can only sleep alone because I love my sleep and I’m a very light sleeper. Any sound/snoring will wake me up and that’ll absolutely piss me off.

If I ever live with someone again, I’m considering two separate bedrooms. Current bf is okay with that as he likes to sleep well too.

Anyway, I have a queen and it’s okay for me. Full will be too small. I think queen is the most appealing, because it’s a pain to make a King bed, and sometimes it can look too “flat”, because the comforter is spread too thin.

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In the TV show Roseanne:

Dan and Roseanne are at a store shopping for a new mattress, and they are lying on a king-sized bed. They were bouncing a bit, reveling in the springiness and spaciousness of the big bed.

A salesman came over and asked haughtily if he could help them. Dan replied, “Yeah, I’d like to get the double bed over there.” Eyeing their size, the salesman replied sarcastically, “And for the lady?”

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No opinion on Sleep Number given limited experience.

However, 100%, upgrade to at least a queen assuming you can fit it. Ours does take up ~60% of the room but I’d never go back. Spent college years sleeping on a twin with my partner, lol. Kings are nice but a queen is perfect for us. I’d never go back to a full for 2.

If you’re on the fence about a king, consider putting something solid on your floor with its exact measurements. Never walk inside that for a few days (except for sleep, duh) and decide if the luxury is worth the room.

The queen is almost surely worth it. We got ours dirt cheap, love it.

I am not on the fence. There is no way it will work. I would either have to not open the closet doors or not open the chifforobe.

Adding this to my SAT words list.

didn’t read To Kill A Mockingbird?

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I am not especially fond of king sized beds. I’m not a “snuggly sleeper” to borrow a phrase from Friends, but king is too big if you like the person you’re sleeping with and too difficult to make. And if the person you’re sleeping with is a snorer, king isn’t enough bigger to help with the noise. Queen is where it’s at IMO.

I had a Sleep Number bed for years. It took me some getting used to, but I did get used to it and liked it. When hubs & I got married, he did not. We bought a Beautyrest because I didn’t want the whole bed shaking when he rolls over. I like the Beautyrest too.

It’s been at least 20 years since I read that, so if it is used in that book I have promptly forgotten about it.

I’d never heard this word, and I own one of them, lol.

I’d probably call it either an armoire or wardrobe, but Google tells me those are both slightly different.

I’ve always referred to it as an armoire. We inherited it from my wife’s great grandparents, it’s a neat little primitive piece.