Shower door etiquette

You have shag carpeting in your shower?!? :wink:

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Sounds like more reef-reference activities.


We squeegee after every shower. Pretty hard water here, so stops water marks from forming.

My step mom introduced that a few years back. I’ve stopped staying with them.


I used to squeegee the shower door and walls every time. Then I had a kid and now don’t give enough of a shit. I use a magic eraser on the door every once in awhile.

Huge, huge fan of the magic eraser. I buy them 50 at a time, I get the generic ‘melamine sponges’ on Amazon. Same product as far as I can tell and cheap.

I didn’t even know shower squeegeeing was a thing. I’m guessing it doesn’t take much time makes you feel good, so my vote is “not a weirdo”. But also, how many people actually go into your bathroom weirdo? :smiley:

Oh, it’s for me. It was like $2k for the door and I want it to look nice. It takes me about a minute to clean it.

Call me old-fashioned, but i always hold the shower door open for a lady.


I just noticed this morning how dirty my shower door is. Am pretty sure I will notice it every time now. You’ve ruined my life!

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Welcome to a whole new world. Get you a squeegee, some Simple Green, and some melamine sponges.

I am also an every time squeegee-donk. I also wipe it down with a small dry towel

When we win the lottery, you and I can hire a full time squeegee guy!

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This thread is an example of why we don’t have shower doors in our house. When the curtain gets nasty, it gets tossed in the trash.

I built a shower surround for my son and it was never what I’d call sanitary. We eventually just threw it out, I replaced it with a tile wall and shower curtain. Much easier to actually get clean.

There’s just too many moldy books and crannies in those things to ever really keep them clean.

Tan to random thoughts, my spouse is busy this week. I should probably deep clean both bathrooms when I have time.

Shower curtains are pretty easy to clean FYI… I replace mine maybe every 8 years, and probably will have fully washed them 6 times during that. (Beyond just a spray-down and maybe a light scrub.)

My spouse uses two, an outer decoration type that they wash occassionally that hangs outside the tub, and an inner plastic liner that gets tossed when it starts getting dirty. Seems to work well.
And that’s the difference in being married as a guy I guess. Because never in my life did I have two shower curtains before I got married.

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If you buy a decent inner shower curtain then you can throw it in the washing machine once a year or so (whenever it breaches your threshold for ickiness). One cycle in the washing machine with your regular laundry detergent, skip the softener, skip the dryer, hang it back up and you’re good to go with a like-new shower curtain, you don’t have to buy a new one, and you’re putting less plastic in landfills.

I am not a fan of the glass doors either because of how the years of use can leave crud, mold get into places, etc…

I also never washed the curtain. Just replaced them when I notice they’re getting gunky. I buy curtains when they go on sale or I see them for $8 randomly anyway.

Put me in the replace the curtain at least once every other year.

I’m not in charge of the inner liner. Not my kingdom. I assume it’s a new one, maybe it gets washed, who knows? It just randomly gets replaced with a clean on every once in a while.