Shower door etiquette

So we remodeled our bathroom recently and I got a fancy frameless shower door that’s 1/2” thick and all that. Previously I’d clean my shower doors from time to time but with this one I’m using the squeegee almost every time I shower. My wife says I’m a weirdo for doing it. GoA, how often are you all wiping your shower doors down?

On top of this I’m cleaning it once or twice a month with some Simple Green, I don’t think cleaning the bathroom every month is too weird.

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i use the squeegee every time

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I have heard of some folks who do it every time. I am not one of them.

Does the GoA agreeing with you make you a weirdo or not a weirdo?


We squeege the walls every time bc we have Bath Fitter. It helps us dry the surfaces. Curtain not door, but I wouldn’t consider door squeeging weird.

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It doesn’t make him a weirdo. Other things we have read might.

Wife requires a squeegeeing every time. We have hardish water here, so we use Dawn PowerWash every month or two.
No, I’m not a bot for Dawn.

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That would be a very, very long con.

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We’ll clean our shower door every great once in a while and then squeegee after we shower for like a week or so, then just get tired of it and give up for a few months. Rinse and repeat.


Just have the cleaning lady do it


Well, that’s me, so. I probably do 80-90% of cleaning here and nearly 100% of bathroom cleaning is done by me. At some point I’ll probably hire it out… probably once I’m not spending a fortune on remodeling.

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We don’t have a cleaning lady. Nor a squeegee.

We just spray it down every now and again when doing the normal cleaning.

We have a frosted type plasticky sliding door. I don’t mind some streaks.

Yeah, when I had a frosted door it was less of an issue, our door is clear so spots and streaks are more noticeable.

I squeegee the doors every time I shower, wife never does. Cleaning lady does a great job on everything else once a month. Every other week, I do a reasonable cleaning of the rest of the shower.

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My parents used to have me wipe down the entire shower with a towel when I was done.

In my house, I scrub the shower every couple of months and nothing else. It rarely looks more than a little bit dirty.

New house, new shower door (clear on two sides), new squeegee bought by Hip_tigerwife. She wanted me to squeegee the clear walls daily, but I only do it every two weeks. :slight_smile:

Maybe I should dial it down, squeegee once a week and wash it once a month, something like that.

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Doing the squeegee thing would add to my usual shower time of 6 minutes start to finish.

I wash my shower daily with soap and water when I shower anyway. It should be clean, right?

Side note are your showers fuzzy?

The door isn’t, the rest is shag carpeting.