Should i ask for my boss role?

Some of the team was on the “lunch interview” group that met with the CA interviewees. There was a shared folder on the network with the resumes of everyone that applied for that position. His resume ended up in that folder.

errr isn’t it violate the law - putting the CVs in a folder where everyone can see it …
but interesting story, not getting an interview is definitely embarrassing and in a way disrespectful , if the bosses didn’t even bother to explain to him why he didn’t get interviewed for the CA role.

Maybe if the company was the CIA.

I didn’t know that CVs were confidential

I have a question about the “two-levels up” and what exactly that means. Are we talking about moving two salary bands or two jobs within a job family?

Like one place I worked had something like:

  1. Actuarial Analyst - Level 206
  2. Sr. Actuarial Analyst - Level 208
  3. Actuarial Associate - Level 210
  4. Sr. Actuarial Associate - Level 212
    4a) Sr. Act. Associate Team Lead - Level 212
  5. Actuarial Fellow - Level 214
    5a) Actuarial Fellow Team Lead - Level 214
  6. Sr. Actuarial Fellow - Level 216
    6a) Sr. Actuarial Fellow Team Lead - Level 216

So nearly all promotions involved moving up two salary bands with the exception of moving into management, which isn’t really a promotion. And the salary bands were huge and overlapping.

There’s no real “level” difference between the team lead positions & non-team lead positions. It just designates whether you have direct reports or not.

So if you’re talking about moving from 3 to 4a then I don’t think that’s nearly as crazy as moving from 2 to 4a. But the credential still might be an issue.

If you’re talking 2 to 4a I wouldn’t even ask. That has the potential to backfire and make you look clueless.

If it’s 3 to 4a then be prepared to explain how the role won’t stifle your exam progress and any management-adjacent activities you might have had. (Were you in a leadership role in any extracurricular activities, for example?)

I don’t think it’s a violation of the law.

There’s a certain amount of ethics involved though. I once applied for a job where I didn’t quite meet the qualifications, but I also had reason to believe that they would have a hard time finding someone who did. And I wasn’t thrilled with my current employer (not abjectly miserable but not thrilled) and it was local. So I threw my hat in the ring but I made it clear that I really didn’t want it getting back to my current employer that I was looking. And they were very respectful about that. I ended up being their second choice as they did find a candidate who met their qualifications. I’m sure they made the right call in hiring that person over me and I had no hard feelings about it.

AFAICT it never did get back to my then-current employer that I’d applied. I would’ve been upset if it had, but I doubt I’d have had any legal recourse.

In my case it is 3 to 4a. If my ex boss is still here I think i have a Good chance of getting promoted to level 211 next year

Yes … This is something I’m worried about as well. I am 2 papers away, my original plan was to finish Asap then I will think about asking for more responsibilities bla bla. But on the other hand i also feel opportunity like this don’t come by so often…

I Don’t think leadership position in extracurricular activities really count as ‘experience managing a team’ though

Once I went to interview in a coffee bean near the office. The interviewer told me he did that because he was worried that I won’t be comfortable doing it in the office risking ‘exposing’ myself. Nice gesture from him, but ended up didn’t accept the offer haha

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mm but for me personally I would really appreciate if they can keep it on a need to know basis.

In the US if you were two exams away then I would not call that “near”. Based on the way you’ve phrased a few things I’m guessing that you might not be in the US and I’m less familiar with other credentialing requirements. So perhaps you’re closer than I am appreciating.

IMO a US actuary could claim to be “near-ASA” if they have at least one of one the following:

  1. All ASA-level exams, VEE, IA
  2. VEE, FAP, all but one ASA-level exam
  3. All ASA-level exams, FAP

More than one of the above three would, of course, also count as “near-ASA” in my book.

If you have two exams to write to meet the qualifications for the job, then I don’t think that’s “near” and I would think the risk of looking ridiculous for asking might be more significant.

By the way, one thing that would almost certainly not make you look ridiculous would be to offer to take on any of your former boss’s responsibilities while the position is open.


lol I had a manager who was 1 exam away from fellowship for a good 5 years

The role is not required to sign off anything.

Then I am near ‘near qualified’ haha

Well if it’s all a big joke to you then do what you want.

If you are interested in how credentialed actuaries may perceive your request then I stand by what I said.

:thinking: Did we work for the same boss???

In all seriousness, I would say that your/my boss was a “near-FSA” for 5 years. He/she was very close to meeting the requirements for the designation for a long time.

In my former boss’s case it was all but PD.

IIRC, an upcoming exam change meant that he was going to have to take another exam if he didn’t get PD finished by a certain deadline and that lit a fire under his butt and he finally finished his FSA.

I’m P&C girl, so doubt it.

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Ah, probably not then!

So your boss was a “near-FCAS” and mine was a “near-FSA”.