Should i ask for my boss role?

Never worried about rejection.
What do you mean by ambitious in a outgoing/social way?

If people find you outgoing they’re generally going to be more receptive to whatever you say, including asking for more responsibility/money.

Come on. Whats the odd of finding a extrovert actuary. Haha

Haha it’s more common than you might think, particularly amongst younger generations. Whether you’re personally more extroverted or introverted it doesn’t do you many favors to be introverted (i.e. shy) in discussions about your role.

True that. And you can’t assume people understand you without you expressing your thoughts.

you likely won’t get it, but doesn’t hurt to apply.

There are plenty of actuaries who look at other people’s shoes.

  1. This is a long story long. Good story, though.
  2. I thought this thread was about getting a company car. “getting my boss roll!!”
  3. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - Wayne Gretzky.” – Michael Scott
  4. Your ex-boss had only one foot??
  5. Long advice short: go for it,
  6. Long advice long: go for it, fully aware that you might be short on “fit,” and that you’ll have to sell your interviewers on your positives, and that if they go in another direction, so be it. They will then know your goals, and that you are one to volunteer to do more (for more pay, of course) than just sit at your station and keep your head down and do your work, like the others. The interviewers will note this the next time an opening pops up, assuming you qualified for this position but someone else was better.

I have seen more than one company spiral out of control by promoting younger and younger people to replace more senior people that left. Then those younger people left and got replaced by even younger people to absurd levels (like an actuarial analyst with five exams replacing the chief actuary). Hopefully that’s not the case here.

Usually a sign of favoritism. I’ve seen this happen at large companies.

did this “chief actuary” have to sign off on the reserves?

No, but he supervised another actuary who was the appointed one. I don’t think he was given the title chief actuary either. The ca left and they moved him into the position.

  1. Affirmative. Haha

The actuarial analyst must be feeling pretty good about himself. My case is nothing like this though.

Whatever you end up doing, please post the results. It’s an interesting position.

It’s probably fine to apply if you’re not an a-hole if denied. Applying for two levels up though… if you’re a rockstar in your position it’s possible but I’d be surprised, this feels overly ambitious from an outsider perspective.

will think this through over the weekend.

it is not really two level up … i imagine i still can have my boss role/responsibility with only one level of promotion in term of career rank…

I think point number 1 might be a sticking point. “Near” and actual credentials are two different things.

You say you joined the company about a year ago… I’m assuming you have more actuarial experience than one year though? The difference between your experience level and that of the old boss is another potential sticking point.

I was at a company that had a manager role and a chief actuary role open at the same time - most of the more senior non-manager actuaries applied for the manager position. One ended up applying for the chief actuary role as well as the manager role. He didn’t even receive an interview for that chief actuary role. Coworkers all thought it was a bit presumptuous for him to apply that high up, but it was fine. He didn’t get either role and stayed working there. If you are applying in an “I’m going to shoot my shot and see” way but don’t mind if you get rejected and don’t come off as entitled/whiny about it I think it would be fine to do.

Hahaha… How did the coworkers know that he applied for the CA position ?