Secret Trump Interest Thread

Thought to start a new thread to see if there’s any interest in a game that either starts soon (planned to end before US Thanksgiving) or right after the upcoming holiday.

Use the following poll to express interest; comment below on your preferred theme for this running. If we stay with the Trump theme; we’ll run it with the same “terminology” as a Secret Hitler with the obvious change to the “main role”; using “Vice President” instead of “Chancellor”; and using “QAnon policies” instead of “Fascist”.

  • Interested and would prefer playing before T-day
  • Interested and would prefer starting after T-day
  • Interested and don’t care when it starts
  • Not able to play this time, but will heckle
  • I’ve got 42 virgins to attend to

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I’m in. Okay with any theme

Please note that the theme be different if there are strong feelings one way or the other.

Might attempt heckling if after Thanksgiving. I was quickly lost last time.

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This makes for some of the best heckling, IMO.

Don’t know my availability week of T-Day but should be good before or after.

Good point. If we start pre-Thanksgiving I would prefer to start by Monday the 18th to try and wrap it up by Fri the 22nd.

It’s embarrassing to need training wheels even to heckle. :flushed:

I’m thinking that we’ll start after T-day.

Ill heckle. Even my cat thinks it is too easy.

I might have time for a post T-day start but won’t really know until we get closer.

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Current list(s)


  1. NerdAlert
  2. ArthurItas
  3. Yankeetripper
  4. MayanActuary
  5. Kenny
  6. BruteFarce
  7. IPD
  8. J0EBL0W


  • JFG
  • A_Student
  • JSM
  • soy

We’ll look to start 11/30 with the understanding that I’ll be out for the aftern00n of that day and unable to post.

Game thread, roles, etc. getting setup and/or sent on 11/29.

Unless it makes you violently sick, I’ll set up the format to be that proposed by that Atreus fellow with Trumpsters & QAnon being the “bad gize”.

I’m always willing to play this most frustrating of games.

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And now, it’s with 33.34% more frustration!!


(Final chance to express opposition to proposed Game Theme of the Trumpsters.)

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Fake Theme. Low Energy. Rigged.

A definite vote in favor, IMO.

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S.Morgenstern is getting the game logistics set up . . . but might not be until mid-morning on Monday for things to get kicked off.


Like to see about getting a game going.

Either another Trump-themed game or a Putin-themed game (the Oligarchs know who’s who and can win by passing enough communist policies).

I am interested, or I can mod if you want to play.

After 4/15 I should be free