Secret Hitler?

Any interest in playing a game here? If so, I can set something up for early November (after my CSPA exam).

Post in here if you are interest in playing in Nov as well as if you have a general interest (not necessarily for the next run) in playing.

I’m interested in general. Possibly for the next (first on GA!!!) round.

No idea what it is. But I’ll play

Ever play Mafia?

Yeah I think so.

SH is similar, except that the one player who is Secret Hitler doesn’t know anyone else’s role, and his fellow “Fascists” do.

There are also some additional aspects of game play that are based on the in-person rules (see these here), but have some modifications for the virtual presence.

I’ll see about adding a set of rules used in the past to this thread in the next day or so.

Ah okay. Yeah I played similar games before, but never with enough people to fill in all the different roles, which seems to be when the game gets complicated and fun.

SH is designed for 5-10 players. Generally, an odd number seems to work “best” in terms of balance, but I think I’ve found a mechanism that can help keep an even-number of players balanced as well.

Playing online can take a significant amount of time over multiple days - just so you know what you are getting in to.

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I’m a solid maybe depending on workload around that time.

I’ll put you down as a solid #2, then.

I love these type of social deduction games. I’d be down to play if I’m available when you all meet up.

My first thought was, “oh man, if only they were doing this in November after my exam!”

So count me in!

Depending on workload and start date I could be in. 2nd week of Nov would probably be better for me.

I’m interested in playing.

It might be worthwhile posting in the Diversions section of the AO with a link here. I’m not sure if people are active in both forums these days.

I’ll likely do that; but I’m focusing on my CSPA Exam first. Once that’s finished, I’ll be doing a bit more.

Turns out that CAS Exams start 11/19 this year, though. I think SOA Exams are “going on” next week.

I’d play. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to play of game of it.

count me in :+1:

I’m down for shooting fascist.

Too lazy to spell out your full ID for this forum? :eyes: