Secret Hitler Interest April 2021

As the RPS tourney is winding down, I thought I’d get another game set up.

This one will be called “The COVIDiot Edition” and will be run by @S.Morgenstern.

Please post your interest here. We’ll look to start around 4/19.

In. as a winner.

I’m always down to play some SH. However, I played in the last two so I will take a back seat to anybody else interested in playing.


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Not enough time right now. Maybe I’ll get drunk and heckle some.

Hecklers make the game far more interesting. Especially as a moderator.

Same as JB for me

If you need one more I’m in, but if you have more than 10 I’ve played a ton of these and am happy to sit this one out.

5 in + 1 pseudo-heckler . . . or is that sudo-heck?

I have a need to be on the road next Tues & Wed, so we’ll target a 4/22 start date; unless folks don’t mind a mid-game break from action.

there’s always a possibility of me disappearing abruptly. I am a very busy socialite after all.

I’m in, as long as I get put on a winning team. Don’t pair me up with that player.


Hey now we all could’ve gone on with our lives without having to point out what everyone knew

Sorry I’m new. I thought you were fun.

Lol was curious to see who people would even suspect for “that player”.

Playing the “i’m new” card doesn’t cut it. I am hurt, shocked, appalled, and hungry. What’s for dinner? You buying?

well at least you didn’t bring up that other player

yes, come to my place. I’ll cook!

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I see ya’ll are practicing your mind games.

bumping to see if we can get another player or two . . .

So far, I have the following:

  • John.S.Mill
  • J0EBL0W
  • Hillhawk
  • IPD
  • PusheeTripper
  • UrineActuary

With Kenny pulling the rear as a heckler.

Might be interesting with just a 5 player game, though. Haven’t had that yet.