Secret Hitler Interest April 2021

What a nice post I made earlier

Assassinate V_A

Okay, ok. I fix’d my earlier post.

why is there no joke for my name

John.S.Mill is too serious for jokes.

Because . . . your name is . . . already a joke?

okay, that’s good enough

I’ll be tied up and whipped over the weekend. I’m also looking to be on the road and getting shot early next week.

So . . . I’ll look to get things set up on Thurs (4/22) and start once I have things set up.

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Unless someone signs up in the next day or so, there is no way that I could try to pull off assigning everyone being Hitler and seeing what happens . . . but three teams of fascist pairings . . . hmmmmm

that’s exactly what a fascist lovin’ mod would want us to think

How do roles assignment work for 6 people, (well 5, since IPD is F).

The main difference in role assignments for 5/6 player game is that Hitler and the Fascist know each other’s identity.

In the 7+ player games, Hitler is no better off (knowledge-wise) than the Liberals.

oh that’s interesting indeed.

In to heckle

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Funny thing is I have literally never been a normal fascist in my time playing this game online. It’s Hitler or bust for me

I’m only just really seeing this, and might have played but it’s probably best I don’t. I have a busy couple of weeks ahead. I’ll try to heckle, but it’s hard to follow what’s happening on GoA. Add me to the hecklers, even if it’s half-hearted.

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IIRC, even when you were Hitler, it was bust for you.


FYI: given current social environment, “Hitler” could be a trigger for some. Perhaps we can brainstorm ideas to convert this to an actuarial-themed game with the same dynamics but just changing the names.

Secret Sauron. The Fascist can be ring wraiths and the liberals can be the clueless fellowship thinking they can simply walk into Mordor.

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How about an evil “Super League” where the fascists are Manchester United and Liverpool