Secret Hitler - Hitler Strikes Back game thread

The game can be played with anywhere from 5-10 players. Rules/logistics are in the “Spoiler” below (click the triangle to the side). And apparently, only 10 people can be “notified” with the @ feature.


Note that some details below are modified from the original starting rules.
This is to recognize some needed changes for future runs of this game.

The only change this time around is on forming a new deck once fewer than
three cards remain in the draw pile.

The Basics

The setting is 1930s Germany. There are two teams, the fascists and the liberals. One of the fascists will be the Secret Hitler, which will be explained below. The teams will be enumerated as follows:

5 players: 3L, 1F+H
6 players: 4L, 1F+H
7 players: 4L, 2F+H
8 players: 5L, 2F+H
9 players: 5L, 3F+H
10 players, 6L, 3F+H

*When there are an even number of players, the Eva Braun Rule (to be explained below) will be in effect.

The fascists win if 6 fascist policies are passed, or if Hitler is elected Chancellor after 3 fascist policies are passed. The liberals win if 5 liberal policies are passed, or if Hitler is assassinated.

Eva Braun Rule:
With an even number of players, a tie vote is considered a fail UNLESS three (or more) fascist policies have been passed. In this case, if Hitler is the nominated Chancellor, a tie vote is considered a passed government and the Fascists win.
Before the Game

You will be assigned one of three roles: Liberal, Fascists, or Hitler. If you are Liberal, that will be all that you know. If you are Fascist, you will be told who your fascist teammates are as well as who Hitler is. If you are Hitler, unless there are only 5-6 players, you will NOT know who your fascist teammates are.

You will be assigned a seat number as well. Seat 1 will be the first President, and the Presidency will be passed down the list one at a time. It will go back to seat 1 if it gets to the bottom of the list and the game isn’t over yet.

The Policy Deck

The policy deck will have 6 liberal policies and 11 fascist policies at the start of the game. Once there are fewer than 3 cards remaining in the deck, they are immediately placed with the other discarded policies and a new deck is formed and shuffled. (Suggested randomization of at least 6 times to “shuffle” the electronic deck.)

Phases of the Game

There are three phases of the game: The Election, The Legislative Session, and the Executive Power session.

1. The Election


Whoever is president may choose whom to nominate as their chancellor. The floor is open for discussion among all players about whom to nominate. Once the President decides who they want to nominate, they should post in the thread, in bold, I nominate ______.

Once that is posted, all players should vote ‘Ja’ (yes) or ‘Nein’ (no) via PM to me. I will publicly post the each players’ vote after all votes are received. If a majority of votes are ‘ja’, then the election passes and we will move on to the Legislative Session. If it fails (it does fail on a tie vote, except for the Eva Braun Rule exception), then the Presidency passes on to the next player and another nomination and election happens. If there are 3 consecutive elections with no successful government formed, then the top policy card of the policy card will be enacted without any further input from the players.

Any player that was in the prior government is not eligible to be the next chancellor. If there are 5 or fewer players remaining, then only the last chancellor is ineligible.

2. The Legislative Session


Once all the votes are in, I will open the legislative session by posting in the thread. Once the legislative session is open, the president and chancellor MAY NOT post in the thread until I have closed the legislative session by announcing the result . Other players may continue to have discussions.

Once the legislative session is open, I will PM the president the top three cards of the policy deck. The president will choose 1 to discard by reply to me only in PM. I will then PM the two remaining cards to the chancellor, who will choose which one to enact and which one to discard. The chancellor will PM me their choice, and I will close the legislative session in the thread by announcing if a liberal or fascist policy was passed. If a fascist policy was passed, we will then have the executive power phase, if necessary.

3. The Executive Power


When fascist policies are passed, the government becomes more powerful. The CURRENT president (that is, the one that just passed the fascist policy) may get to use an executive power, as listed below.

5-6 players:
1st fascist policy: No executive power;
2nd fascist policy: Policy Peek
3rd fascist policy: President will call a Special Election, Hitler may now win by being elected chancellor
4th fascist policy: Choice of Policy Peek or Assassinate a player.
5th fascist policy: Whichever power was not used after the 4th fascist policy was passed. Veto power unlocked.

7-8 players:
1st fascist policy: No executive power.
2nd fascist policy: Choice of Policy Peek or Investigate one player.
3rd fascist policy: President will call a Special Election, Hitler may now win by being elected chancellor
4th fascist policy: Choice of Investigate one player or Assassinate one player.
5th fascist policy: Choice of Policy Peek or Assassinate one player. Veto power unlocked.

9-10 players:
1st fascist policy: Choice of Policy Peek or Investigate one player.
2nd fascist policy: Whichever power was not used after the 1st fascist policy was passed.
3rd fascist policy: President will call a Special Election, Hitler may now win by being elected chancellor
4th fascist policy: Assassinate one player.
5th fascist policy: Assassinate one player. Veto power unlocked.

Explanations of Powers:
Policy Peek: The President will be told via PM what the next three policies in the deck are, including their order.

Investigation: The President should publicly post in the thread, in bold, I investigate _______. I will reply via PM if the player is Liberal or Fascist. If the investigated player is Hitler, you will only be told that they are Fascist.

Special Election: The President selects the next President by posting in the thread, in bold, I choose ________ to be the next president. The current President is not eligible to be the Special Election President. After that single election, the Presidency goes back to where it would have been otherwise and the game continues on normally.

Assassination: The President should publicly post in the thread, in bold, I assassinate ________. The assassinated player should have no further part in the discussion. Assassinated players do not have their loyalty revealed unless they are Hitler in which case the liberals have won.

People may discuss openly in the thread about the best use of these powers, but ultimately, once the President posts the bold statement, it can not be taken back.

Veto Power: Here, the President and Chancellor have the opportunity to veto the agenda. If the President and Chancellor choose to veto, then all 3 cards are discarded and the presidency passes. The failed election counter does go up by 1 as well, bring it closer to a forced policy enactment.

After the Executive Power phase, if the game is not won, we go to the next election phase with the new President in power.


Players signed up


Player Sequence

Order Player ID
1 S.Morgenstein SM
2 yankeetripper YT
3 John.S.Mill JSM
4 NerdAlert NA
6 J0EBlow JB
7 Kenny Ken

Roles have been sent out

Fascists WON BY getting Hitler elected Chancellor!

Liberal Policies Passed: 3
Fascist Policies Passed: 3

Failed Election Counter: 0

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Rnd El Pr Ch Pol SM YT JSM NA IPD JB Ken
1 1 1 6 F j j j j n j j
2 1 2 4 L j j j j n j j
3 1 3 7 F j j j j n n j
4 1 4 2 L j j j j n j j
5 1 5 1 X J n n n j n j
6 2 6 3 L n j j j n j n
7 1 7 5 X j n n n j n j
8 2 1 2 X j n n n n n j
9 3 2 4 F n j j j j j j
10* 1 5 3 ? j j j n j j n

Executive Power Player Using the Power Claimed Result
2nd F policy - Investigation - JSM - Claimed SM is F
3rd F policy - Special Election - YT - Chose IPD

I think everything is set - I apologize in advance for formatting deficiencies.

JSM posted in the interest thread, but did not officially say he is “in.” I’ve DM’d him, and am encouraging him to play so that we have a nice odd number.

SM - you are the current president, post your pick for Chancellor at your leisure.

I know that today is a holiday, so there may be less than normal day 1 participation.

Acknowledged. I’ll wait until we get a confirmation that JSM is going to play since it’s a real pain to find out otherwise as it will require a change in assignments (requires one fewer fascist).

Also, you can also poke more people with the @ feature in a “follow up” post that you are likely to edit later on.

Also, this slight delay will enable me to read ahead so that I don’t fall behind so quickly.

And to get my spreadsheet set up to track info along the way.

Powers are set up slightly different than past especially 4th & 5th.
Oh and are multiple investigations/policy peak allowed or do the investigation/policy peak “toggle” come into play that is after first power is used you have to use the other the next time or can you do 2 of one power?

We have a rule reader here, folks.

Sure tell-tale sign of a fascist!

Huh, i just copied the rules from the last game we played. I’m not sure how they could have changed. Of course, I didn’t actually read the rules I pasted.

I will do that now.

Ok, I think you are referring to different rules for the 7-8 player game as compared with the ten player game we played last time.

To clarify, there is no toggle on the policy peek and investigation. What is chosen on the second F policy does not impact what is available to choose on the fourth and fifth F policies.


That I’m a liberal.

Also, today is a holiday, so I may be in and out as well.

You know, every fascist will use this line.

As well as every hitler that has ever played this game.

So it’s safe to say that at this stage of the game, we’re all saying we’re liberals.

But for my issue at hand . . . selecting my Chancellor. Having been moderator more than player in the last several games, and I think this is the first time that I’m first as President . . . I think I need to just rely on past precedence in selecting someone in the bottom half of the list . . . so NA or further down.

So I’m going to randomly select . .


I nominate J0EBL0W as Chancellor!

So you’re saying if I was Hitler I should say I’m Hitler so people would think I’m a cheeky liberal?

If you are Hitler, I would wish you would say that you’re Hitler and then I know who not to vote for in a gov’t.

But I hope folks are able to all vote today. I have my spreadsheet set up, and I now need voting results so that I can start using it.

We have a nomination. Please send me your votes.

To reduce the number of DM strings, every player should start one message, and just use that for all game communications.


Only a fascist would spoiler his chancellor nomination.

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Some habit are just hard to break.

Just saw this post. I’ll be using the DM you sent me for this purpose.

it’s always “random” with the fascist crowd. random this. random that. How about some strategery???

Did we shoot Hitler yet?