Well, that was the Southern professor’s argument, not mine.

It’s a nice looking map, but how are the different colors defined?

weighted average between R and D probably

There is a missing poster that would be chagrinned if she realized she was in agreement with MTG.

Needs statistics! How many people are moving where?

The basic idea of ‘soft secession’ is interesting, though I don’t really know what to do with it. For the most part, I don’t care that much about whether locals enforce federal laws.

I agree with others that a lot of our problem comes from the fact that Left and Right are better defined by Urban and Rural areas. So, sadly, we can’t just make homosexuality illegal in Texas and religion illegal in Massachusetts.

Well, I suppose I do care whether locals enforce Federal election laws…

My husband and I have talked about leaving our current very red state. The problem? He would want to go to TX. I would want to go to Colorado. Our compromise is that maybe we will leave our suburb and move into the city, where at least I can hang a rainbow flag without worrying someone will vandalize my house.


He’s choosing TX over CO? He may need to lie down on a couch and talk to a doctor for a few hours, imo.


Right? He grew up in Texas and said he misses it. Texas is the last place I’d want to move to. But I might make an exception for Austin or maybe to live by the beach. Neither of which is close to where he grew up.

Austin got overrun by the tech bros. The traffic is an absolute nightmare. If I could move anywhere right now, it might be Idaho Springs, CO.

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I did not appreciate CO during the 2 years I lived there as a teen. I didn’t hike or enjoy the outdoors much at all. I didn’t even see the sights as I was busy studying and working.

The last time I was there was 1996 for an SOA meeting. Have plans to see western Colorado this summer tho.

ETA: I have never actually driven in Austin—just went for a couple meetings.

I’ve been thinking about Denver too as the final destination.

The property tax is very cheap!

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I went to that one!

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Additional consideration that was a + for Denver based on my research

  1. lack of cockroaches

Also, no mosquitos. I probably got one mosquito bite per year living in Colorado. The dry air is a little challenging. Overall I think Colorado is a fantastic place to live.

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You have to be careful when chilling in the hot tub in CO though:

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Not a Texas beach

I mean, I’ve only been to one and it was in the winter. I would definitely winter at a Texas beach. Maybe bc I haven’t been to the Carribean.

I’d live on any beach.

The trick is to make sure that you are facing the the ocean.


Gulf beaches west of the Mississippi are brown sand/brown water and are prone to seasons where they get covered in large piles of seaweed. And the are not small piles. Local authorities frequently clean the seaweed from the beach but it floats in the water and can be kind of nasty.

It can still be enjoyable to visit but I would generally choose pretty much any other coast line/area if looking at living somewhere. East of the Mississippi isn’t pristine like the Caribbean but you aren’t dealing with the dregs that flow out of the Mississippi. At least on the Alabama coast you can see you feet when the water is over 2 feet deep.

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