This is a very interesting article. What do you think?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is pretty widely viewed as a member of the lunatic fringe. Trumpism has made the lunatic fringe a lot bigger than it usually is but by far most Republicans and most Democrats still want to win in the current America.

I think the danger occurs when one faction or the other feels that they can’t win.

There have always been people that would say if my party doesn’t win I will move to wherever but few do.

I think there will be a lot more unity once the reality of the China threat becomes more apparent.

Bill Maher summed it best in his show last Friday:


Odd title for a thread about secession


I hadn’t heard the phrase “soft secession” before. That’s a useful phrase. The article gives a number of current examples but doesn’t mention the big one – southern states simply ignoring the 14th and 15th amendments.

“Not performing your civic duty”, like not serving on a jury, has probably been around forever. Maybe their book has statistics to say it is becoming more common. Similarly, the rich saying they don’t have to follow the rules that the little people follow. Maybe we had a post-WWII golden age of more unity driven by fear of communism and we are drifting back to a norm.

Somehow I see more polarization. The notion of being a “sanctuary city” or county or state and just not supporting certain federal laws seems to be growing. Abortion is a big deal today. I don’t see states looking for “middle ground” laws, they seem to be going to the ends on this one.

We need to remember that we don’t have red states and blue states. We have red rural and blue urban, and lots of states have some of both. Are people getting so strongly divided by political issues the they are willing to move out of states where they are in the political minority?

When I look at the map, I don’t see many places like Oregon where some counties could leave and join a neighboring state. Southern Illinois seems like the only other example.

The red state vs blue state picture is a tired and inaccurate view of the divisions within the country IMO. It’s much more an urban vs rural divide than a by-state divide. Urban areas are mostly bright blue, rural areas are mostly bright red, and the suburbs can be a bit purple.


I thought this was on the HBO show Succession.

A new season is coming!


So did I! I didn’t click on it as a result as I am not watching that. I came to comment after I learned it was really about secession.

Hmmm, Dallas isn’t as blue as I thought.

Who knew Long Island is red

If you squint, you’ll see a little blue square in NE Kansas, that’s my city, LFK (Lawrence F***ing Kansas).


I’ll be honest, I have no idea where Kansas is, squinting or not

ETA. I assume it’s the dead center of the US. What a nice spot.

That’s generally all for the best. If our family wasn’t here, we wouldn’t live in Kansas. And we were in Denver for 14 years but needed to move closer to family. If you ever find yourself in Kansas, you’re gonna want to be in Lawrence.

It’s very convenient. You never have to drive more than two days to get to any of the other lower 48 states.

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If I’m able to see a wild tornado with my own eyes then I’ll visit some day!

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Nick, you can edit the title.


Thank you, some of you need to read the article.

We just couldn’t get past the typo!!


“Secession happens all the time in America, so it must be OK.”
– a professor from Charleston, essentially giving the OK sign (ISWIDT) to secede.

Interesting that nowhere in that article is how the police in some areas selectively enforce laws on those peoples that they don’t want in those areas.

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Even viewing it as red/blue counties is misleading. There’s a decent amount of purple out there.