Seahawks Are Still For Real This Time

I was wrong. Niners seemed to start the second string in the first half.

Still, thanks to the Broncos for being patsy of the year.

Nathan Rourke, the Canadian-born BC Lions QB discussed earlier in this thread, just signed a three year deal as backup QB for Jaguars. Two dozen NFL teams offered him a tryout and he accepted tryouts with 12 teams. Had hoped he might move down the I-5 to the Seahawks but he didn’t try out with them.

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Seahawks do have $34-39M in cap room. There is about $9M needed to pay 2 first round picks. They have massive amounts open for 2024. Choices are to sign Geno as a bargain or try to sign someone like Lamar for 4 years. With Walker, Lockett and DK, Lamar will not be punished as much. Draft Edge and DB in round 1 and this team is a contender again. Another route would be Jimmy G at a bargain for 3 years.

Guessing Geno and Jimmy G get around 3/100M and Lamar gets 4/150M.

I see that SEA has the back-to-back TNF, vs SF on T-Day, NBC, then DAL, On fricken Prime.
Trying to predict SEA games on my local TV. Need to wait for 506 to update.

Debating heading out for the Thanksgiving Night game.
Would be my first game since 2019 “NFC West Championship” where Lynch returned from retirement.

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Updated with 506 data:

  1. vs LAR: 100% on cuz LAR
  2. at DET: 0% on: LAR on late, both on Fox, and CBS has the DH.
  3. vs CAR: 10% on: on CBS, Fox has the DH, and NE at NYJ in the morning is the likely one shown.
  4. at NYG: 100%: MNF
  5. BYE: 0%.
  6. at CIN: 40% on: CBS in the morning, not much competition, but NE at LVR in the afternoon, and Fox has the DH. Fox/Rams might insist that local CBS not show a game same time as theirs.
  7. vs ARI: 0%: LAR on at same time, same network.
  8. vs CLE: 0%: LAR on Fox in the morning, SEA in the Afternoon, but CBS has the DH.
  9. at BAL: 80%: on CBS in the morning, but Fox has the DH. LAR on Fox in the morning, so networks might agree not to show a game at the same time. That would mean IND at CAR on in LA in the afternoon. Yawnfest.
  10. vs WAS: 0%, as DAL on at same time, same network, and they are the “national game of week.”
  11. at LAR: 100%: cuz LAR.
  12. vs SF: 100% T-Day NBC.
  13. at DAL: 0%: on Prime, so not.
  14. at SF: 0%: on Fox, but CBS has the DH and LAR on Fox in the AM.
  15. vs PHI: 0%: Fox has the DH, but DAL at BUF is the “National Game of the Week.”
  16. at TEN: 50% on: as LAR on Thur, and LAC on Sat; on CBS, Fox has the DH, the other games on CBS don’t seem as interesting (in May).
  17. vs PIT: 0%: on Fox, CBS has the DH, and LAR on Fox in the AM.
  18. vs ARI: 5% SEA and LAR playing same time, same network, and not against each other. Unless LAR or SEA are switched to SNF, even then, DAL at WAS might be a better LA draw, cuz DAL.

Looks like a lot of not watching for now. None of their games even seem SNF-switch-worthy, and they have no games scheduled for SNF.
Estimated four to six games, as of 5/25.