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So, been sampling others’ scotch, per my modus operandi, but today I found three Green Spots and one Yellow Spot at my local liquor warehouse (literally housed in an industrial park).
Two of the Green Spots were in casked Zin and Burgundy, respectively.
The Yellow Spot was aged 12 years.
These three were all over $100, and 92 Proof.

Cheap Actuary me bought the regular Green Spot, at $70. will sample next weekend.

Ooo I didn’t realize they were doing different casked Green Spots.

I still want to find Red Spot someday.

A friend got a Flaviar advent calendar!!! Soooooo jealous!!!

Well, I’m done with my Green Spot. Will visit the local warehouse for a refill.
Also, the Total Wine flyer had a $350 Redbreast. Hoping a friend buys that so I can try it,

I am gonna cash out in my fantasy football league. I was thinking of using the winnings on a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

Picked up some Yellow Spot Irish. I find it’s better than the Red, though it might be my wallet talking.
Also, picked up some GlenGrant 15-year for $90, because my drinking buddies like Scotch, and I had them over (physically distanced) for drinks in the backyard around the gas fire circle. It’s pretty good. I’m still (heh: still) working on my Scotch taste buds.

Any Islay/Campbeltown fans? I was a peat-head for a while, but these days I’m really enjoying everything I taste from Springbank/Longrow/Kilkerran.

Nope. Too smokey. Tastes like like licking a dirty ash tray. I prefer the Highlands or Speysides for my single malts.

Have been auditioning new candidates for my drinking whisky collection over lockdown. I don’t know how easy it is to get hold of over there, but the Glenfiddich IPA cask is lovely stuff.

I mean, I have two Laphroiags and four Lagavulins, so you might say that I like peat.

You posted that before.
Stop repeating yourself.


That whooshing sound you hear…

Opened a Glenlivet 12!!!

Drinking some The Balvenie Doublewood 12.

Nice. I bought myself a new year’s present… a bottle of 12 y/o Auchentoshan. Cracked it open this weekend and had a dram. Nice, light, sopisticated, not too smokey.

Bowmore 12 was a little rough and smoky at first, but it has since mellowed!!! :yum:

I finished my bottle of Auchentoshan that I bought last January.

I replaced it with a bottle of Macallan 12 y/o. I’ve yet to crack it though.

Also, I have a bottle of Glenlivet 21 y/o that I’ve not opened yet. The local liquor store sells a 750 bottle of it for about $280. I have a 1 liter version that I got duty free when I was out of the US before covid. I think it might be worth $400

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We’ve been drinking The Dalmore, Sherry Cask version. Nice. I think we’re out, se we’re switching to the regular oak cask version.

I’ve never been overly impressed with the scotches that have been ripened in other-liquor-type casks. The one I’ve had recently was Glenmorangie aged in Sherry casks. I don’t know why I bought it - it must have been on sale. But I don’t like sherry. I just drank it and never bought Glenmorangie again.