Lol, I LOVE Sherry cask aged liquors, and enjoy sherry.

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I don’t think I can taste the sherry. It does adds something different, possibly more fortification.

I’ve had beer that was aged in bourbon barrels and I could definitely taste the bourbon.


The old Jameson 12 year (the stuff from a decade ago, not what they sell now) was amazing stuff. That was what I used to keep in my flask.

I really like port and rum cask finished whiskies, too.

Of course, most of my stuff is bourbon or rye, but rarely Scotch.

I think by # of bottles, from most to least, I’m currently at 1) Scotch (I don’t drink it very often, my wife NEVER drinks it, and I tend to pick up 1-2 bottles a year. So I have 8 or 9 bottles now), 2) Rum (a bottle rarely survives the year, but I currently have 5 higher end bottles that are exclusively neat sippers), 3) a couple bottles of rye/bourbon. We have 1 tequila, 1 vodka somewhere, and a bunch of other random bottles and liqueurs.

Sherry aged Islays are where it’s at

this matches me to a degree.

scotch i have a bottle at a time. still working a gift from 2 yrs ago (balvenie 12 dbl wood). I have 3 rums working (foursquare 2009, dorleys 12yo, and smooth ambler) for sipping. a gin (bluecoat). then i have a vodka and a spiced rum (i have foursquare; mrs f has capt). also a couple of decent bourbons and a rye (is relatively not aged and is for mixing imo). the rye, vodka, and spiced rums are def for mixing (i can sip the foursquare spiced rum - very good IMO).

Wife bought my Abernour as a gift

Thoughts? I find the taste a bit light, but a heavy bite

When in doubt I always get whiskey or cigars

Aberlour. I’ve never had it, but it looks good. Which one did you get? The 12 year old?

Also, whisky has no E when it comes from Scotland, Ireland, or Canada.

Sorry, I get pedantic when it comes to scotch. I like correct pronunciations too.

12 yo

as for Whiskey or Whisky it could be a scotch or bourbon, so I was going pretty generic

Bump, for Green Spot Irish Whiskey at Costco!
Bought two at $47.99 each. Way lower than my OP price.
So, deflation??

Found Gold Spot Irish Whiskey. $300. Dare I buy?

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if you want it and it is hard to come by?

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Revived this thread as I am heading to Speyside in July.

Going to be visiting a few Whisky places with the family while touring Aberdeenshire & Cairngorms.

Been a long while since I have tried proper Whisky, so looking forward to it.


Im envious. Speyside is the best: Glenfiddich, Glenfarclas, Glenlivit, Macallan and more. These are some of my favorites.

If you are travelling through Glasgow, you can easily reach Auchentoshen and get a Lowland visit , too.