Scale with an app

There must exist a scale (you know, the kind you weigh a person on) that comes with an iphone app that will receive & record the weight measurements from said scale, yes?

My search skills are lacking. I can’t find one.

Withings scale (not specific to Apple, but it has an app and I have it on my phone).


I use FitIndex - the body fat percentage is not accurate but the weight part is.

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The keyword to find what you’re looking for is “smart scale”

I use a withings one. Works fine. It integrates with the Apple Health app too which is nice.

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Just don’t talk very loud around it or use words like “terrorist” or “bomb” unless you want the FBI all up in your face.

Yes, our current scale gives us the “body fat percentage” which is inconsistent garbage.

The weight part is always too high, but that might be a me-problem…where “might be” = “is”.

Anyone want to make the case for the Withings scale ($60, $100, or $150) vs FitIndex ($31 or $21)?

links within

Generally, I’m willing to pay for a better product if it actually is better & I’ll get good use out of its betterness, but I can’t tell by looking at them if that will be so in this case.

I use Excel

Yeah, I don’t want to do that much work.

I have the cheapest withings scale because I think the other metrics on the expensive scales are not accurate or useful.

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No idea about Withings, but my weight on the FitIndex is very close to whatever appears at the doctor’s office or at my gym (who uses a fancy InBody machine that is massively out of my price range but seems more trustworthy - it has both hand and foot readers instead of only feet.). I don’t care about the other metrics per se – I think they’re hard to get right with any step-on scale and $30 isn’t enough to make a difference. But I haven’t researched that, just compared against the InBody results.

Maybe I’ll try the Withings one simply so that I don’t see my weight history of the past few years :sweat_smile: I can start fresh with a downward trend rather than up.

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And I have the $150 scale because I was a poor kid and associate higher prices with betterer stuff. I experience buyer’s remorse when I buy the lesser expensive things.

Probably don’t listen to my advice on worthwhile purchases.


Me too :-).

I associate higher prices with less money in my pocket, so I’m reluctant to spend more unless it’s worth it.

side story: I also got a really good piece of advice from Marcy at Freewheel (6th & Cedar in Minneapolis) when I was comparing bike locks - one was $100 the other was $200. I asked her, “Is the expensiver one really worth $100 more than the cheaper one?” She replied without hesitation, “Yes, it is. You need to answer the question ‘Is it worth it to you?’”

At this point, I’m thinking the $31 FitIndex is going to suit me just fine…but I’m willing to listen to other opinions/thoughts/ideas.

I got nothing. I only use it because of how Accessible it is

Why would you want Apple (and every hacker) to know how much you weigh?

So that they can sell me miracle wait loss products.

Don’t you post your weight publicly on this site?

Do I?
I type in a possibly random number to a public and well-unknown website using a pseudonym. (Also, I missed last week.)
So, not the same as a scale sending the approximate weight (no scale is perfect) directly to (or through) Apple, then having the iWatch yell at you to get off your ass and finish your fitness ring. Oh, and make your fitness ring a little more difficult, you wimp!
(Actual quotes from my wife’s iWatch. With an Australian accent, so easier to swallow.)

I have the first Withings scale on your list (the cheapest) and I really like it. I bought that one because I didn’t want to pay extra for the body comp stuff. It was very easy to set up and I haven’t had any problems with it in the 3 years that I’ve owned it. If it died tomorrow, I would buy another one. I like the convenience of auto tracking.

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Thanks for that.

I just noticed that Withings was bought by Nokia…which is a Finnish company…wife is also Finnish :finland:…I believe I am now obligated to buy that one.

Ooh, I also see that Eric Careel loved the company so much that he bought it back. Oh well. The link still had “Nokia” in the name, so I guess I’m supporting them retroactively…in my heart if not in my head.