Saying "girl" is demeaning?

When you say, that “girl” at the front desk, instead of that “woman”, is that demeaning?

You never say “boy” in a formal setting, but people say “girl” all the time to address grown women.

What say you

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Atta boy!
Atta girl!

Atta man?
Atta woman?

Many females over the age of 12 are extremely offended at being called girl.

(I’m not one of them but it’s pretty hard to offend me.)


Yes, it is often quite demeaning/misogynistic.


should probably avoid using person as well

I prefer persdottir

just say their name, you might offend if you accidentally get the gender wrong

because it is demeaning. It was used against blacks, to make it seem they were less than men.

So to call a woman girl, can also be seen as demeaning.

as with most things context matters. Going out with the girls, or boys is ok. But referring to someone as just “the girl” is erasing her identity


We need a new word that means female guy.

please keep these transphobic comments out of my thread.


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Not sure if you’re joking or misunderstood me or saying something nuanced there.

I meant that a word is missing.
Boy: Girl
Man: Woman
Guy: ???

okay. I didn’t know what you meant by female guy. Seemed insensitive.



If it were a formal setting, I would call her a female of the human species.



I was at a hotel having some down time (that means a scotch and cigar), and was talking to others there.

There was a huge family reunion, 100s, so huge they didn’t even know each other. Predominantly Black.

So, one guy I’m talking to, gave him a cigar and says he was from the Atlanta branch of the family.

I was about to so, oh your an Atlanta boy ( which has nothing to do with race, more to where you grew up, were a boy); anyway I editted myself knowing it could be misunderstood.

When I told him where i am from he says “oh, you’re a NY boy”. After laughing I had to explain why.

Step One: Know your audience.

You will not know a perfect stranger and what will offend them. if you don’t give a crap about the feelings of others, or if you’re some sort of sentient automaton, then do whatever the fuck you want to do.

If you’re looking to learn something, then:
“Girl” or “boy,” to some, means, “I don’t think you are mature/important enough to have a mature/important conversation with.”
Perhaps you can see how that could be denigrating.

I don’t make up society’s rules. I merely interpret them for the challenged.

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That’ pushing the definition


What if I say “You go, guuuurl!!!” as an affirmation??

would you say “you go boy?”