SAS sucks

better than flipping back to SAS imo

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this did not age well!

Valid thought at the time, imo, and it sure beats trying to learn SQL!

The problem with SAS is that it let’s people use PROC SQL

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RUN; /* AWAY!!! */


Sounds more like a feature, so people can learn SQL, then stop using SAS.

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Every job in insurance I’ve had where people “used SAS” it was 100% SQL, which has been a shame because my pre-insurance job was all genuine SAS :smiling_face_with_tear:


I used for real SAS in an insurance job (and a non-insurance one).

Now some “SAS” programs were just PROC SQL followed by SQL code, but a lot was genuine SAS. Depended on the knowledge and preferences of the person writing the code. Often you could tell who wrote it by the way it was written.

I only know PROC SQL in SAS. And I say I used SAS in all my interviews. No one questioned.

Give me PROC anything else I’m screwed!

Give me anything other than PROC I’m screwed!

Alas, I don’t really pull data anymore. So I’m all good.

That’s fine, everyone you’re talking to would have not really appreciated the difference I’d imagine.

But yes that’s my struggle now… gaining familiarity with R while not really using R in my day job (or at least not writing anything beyond a very basic query to check stuff), instead having a team that does

I used a lot of SAS in my prior job.

Sorry, sorry, that’s a typo. I meant to say sass.


I actually use SAS. The real one. I do use proc SQL some, but actually learned SAS first.


This should be one of those memes with the muscular guy vs the loser guy

me vs me

At one point, I was a certified SAS programmer, I wasn’t great but I could get by. Then I started managing people and coding less and less, and then we dropped our SAS license.

My current employer uses a Snowflake environment and people use a lot of different tools.

Did you have to pass a test/take a course for that honor? Who was it certified by? I’m just curious. Don’t feel obligated to answer.

I’ve never heard of that, but let me guess…

Every person is unique like a snowflake and can use whatever they want.
Are there limitations to “whatever”

Previous employer kept threatening to do this. They thought it was too expensive. instead they cut expenses a different way.

Cut the SAS programmers?

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SAS certification is offered through SAS. SAS Global Certification | SAS

So far, not really, but I think they are trying to reign it in a bit. It seems that Python, SQL, and Tableau are probably the Big Three. But some folks still use R, and Stata, and probably some others. We do have a license for a very specialized CMS data set and that is written in SAS still, but they have opened that up now to other tools. But it would require a huge re-write so that won’t happen soon.


I was a SAS certified programmer too.

All I ever use is proq sql because I can’t be bothered to remember any of it.

What I don’t remember making a thread about this, what happen?

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