San Diego

u going?

2021 AO surf tacuar amirite

In November?

Da, stay classy

Probably. Been looking forward to in person meetings again.

I still owe Mountainhawk a drink.

But I never drink with another woman w/o my wife being present.

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We’ll see. I need to monitor the delta

Is that a Pence reference?

I hear its been changing

Should it be?

FTR, I know what you’re talking about; but I think that the given reference goes well beyond you or me and very likely is directed to Mountainhawk more directly.

VA does owe me a drink some something on the AO that I don’t even remember the details of. I’m assuming the ‘don’t drink with other women without his wife’ is a Pence reference.

It might make getting a third shot integral to my decision to go

Getting my ACAS! Let’s gooooo


Congrats! Well done!

I have a question with the meeting.
I’ll be getting my ACAS, but my significant other is in grad school and wouldn’t be able to go with. I don’t have any coworkers going, so is it worth going alone?

In “normal” times it’s a good idea to go, especially to meet people and network. But with the whole covid situation I feel like everything is kind of out of whack at the moment. I don’t know what the travel policies will be in Nov but from the few people I talked to, their companies aren’t paying this year.

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I still have to do COP. Am i too late for SD?

I probably owe you a drink as well (I threw around “I owe you a drink” a lot), but that’s still too far.
If more people I owe drinks to are there, I’ll check my schedule. There are a couple of local breweries that I’ve been wanting to try.

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A (friendly) bet made during an EC game.

The other comment reflects the fact that the bet was made under an assumption that it could be carried out w/o a SO travelling along. :smiley:

Although, I’m not quite as rigid as Pence, but I don’t do drinks with another woman w/o my wife at least meeting the person first (face-to-face).

OK, fair enough! :slight_smile: