Sad thoughts

I didn’t see a sad thoughts thread. If there’s another, let me know and I’ll merge them.

I just heard that my tenth grade math teacher had a stroke. :cry:

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So sorry, Lucy!

I have no idea how many of my schoolteachers are still alive today. I googled my 10th grade trig teacher - looks like she’s still alive, no surprise as she was one of the younger teachers I had. Sadly her husband died a few years ago - he also taught in the same school.

Grief can be sneaky.

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Go :sleeping: . :santa: :milk_glass: :cookie: !!

I want people in my life who reach out because they care, not because they want something. There aren’t enough of those.


A friend I made on the AO, who didn’t post much and who I don’t think made the leap over here, lost her mother about a month ago in an accident. Her father died in another tragic accident yesterday.

We have kept in touch over the last few years through email, mostly about our kids and work and life. I am at such a loss for the words to comfort her. Are there even words that exist for such a thing?

If you’re of the praying type, keep her and her family in your prayers. A lot of you probably interacted with her on the AO at some point.


We were supposed to hang out with family who some of us haven’t seen in like decades next week, but it got cancelled because a couple people fear omicron too much. We planned it when delta was a thing, but now that it’s omicron people are afraid of it. I’m sad :frowning:

I guess maybe it will be another decade until we get around to this again.

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A friend I had from years and years of writing on Open Diary (who then became an online pen pal who I lost touch with when I quit Facebook) passed away from cancer…in September 2020. And I only just found out about it, because I wasn’t a good enough friend to keep in touch.

I’m sad that I wasn’t around at the end to at least send some words of comfort to him and let him know he was on my mind. He has been on my mind, it just didn’t occur to me to reach out. I’m not a decent friend, and that also makes me sad.


One of my dogs has cancer in his throat, first noticed an issue in December. Today we confirmed there isn’t anything we can do except pain meds. He is 9+ years old.

We got him as a rescue in 2019 and he is the sweetest little good boy in the world.

Sad times at the Frazier compound. Having to prep for what could be sudden onset distress. For now he is doing OK, but we are hyper aware of every breath.


I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry Mr Frazier. :frowning_face: (was going to add the ‘hug’ emoji but it just looks like jazz hands)

May I suggest finding high-calorie soft foods that he likes? We had a pet with throat cancer that we didn’t find until he had lost a lot of weight because swallowing had become painful. He was ‘fine’ until he wasn’t, & sudden onset distress was a little scary, so I can relate to how you’re feeling. :crying_cat_face:

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So sorry.

had more or less the shittiest thing that could happen occur in my town and a young man is dead, another injured. not a good day, and not expected to magically get better as more is learned.

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Sorry, that sucks.

So sorry!

We have had five foster boys move on from our home (we have a 6th boy in our home right now, but sooner than later he will be leaving also). I posted at length on the AO about my grief from losing the first one, which happened unexpectedly after eight months of working toward an adoption.

I have processed all that grief and learned a healthier view on fostering, and connection with the kiddos. And now I carry mostly fond memories and thoughts with me.

But tonight I am suddenly flooded with a lot of sad feelings at their absences, for different reasons. One we just couldn’t connect with the way we wanted to; likely he had autism. Most I just wonder how they’re growing up now. The first one is four years old now. There was a little boy with a serious brain condition, I wonder if he is still alive and what his prognosis is. But I will probably never see any of them again, and for some reason it’s hitting me hard tonight.


that is a lot of feelings. glad we have people like you who care that much about the kids participating in the system.

I know kids who now live with extended family (who are my friends) and their experiences in foster prior to my friends taking them in had some glaringly bad stories.

thanks for loving those little kids!


My friend with cancer found out today that he needs urgent brain surgery.

I’m sorry to hear that; I hope your friend gets his surgery right away and gets on the healing path!!!