Running thread

I agree, it’s not pace,.focus on heart rate. Get an HR monitor and use it.

I’m built for comfort not speed and I focus on hr then distance, never speed. And I can’t run with my hr pinned to the max.

I watch my hr while running, for say a couple of minutes. Then walk til it drops substantially. Then run, etc. but if you’re running at 170bpm and then walking only long enough to drop to 150, I think you’ll drop out too quickly.

Then as I get comfortable at that level, I drop an extra minute onto my run intervals plus add an interval.

My speed? No idea other than what the treadmill says.

I’m doing a 5k with my daughter on Sunday, by which I mean we are running the same course. I’m thinking the bet is that if she beats me by 10 minutes then I’ll buy all the kids ice cream. Seems like a safe bet to both ensure ice creams all around and make her feel like she accomplished something.

My goal time is 40 minutes, which will be tight. Just did 3 miles in 39:20 on the treadmill, with splits of 13:00 (steady pace), 12:40, 13:40 (both doing walk / run intervals). Add in adrenaline and a willingness to let HR get higher near the end of the race and I think I can do it.

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I definitely have runners knee, not jumpers knee. The area inside my knee and on the inside of my leg are super tender, but not bruised or swollen. It hurts a lot to move it, but feels ok when stationary in any position.

I think unfortunately the only option is taking a few weeks off, which means I probably have to start all over when I come back. Guess this is becoming a June and July thing or maybe even a July and August thing now.


Ice ice baby. Hope it feels better soon

Everyone is different but an HR in the 170s or 180s would be an all-out sprint for me and I can’t hold that for more than a couple minutes even after running for a few years. I think most people would consider that to be a very difficult effort unless they have an abnormally high heart rate.

The first thing you should do is calculate your heart rate zones based off your max HR and then do 80% of your aerobic activity in zone 2. For example using the crude formula of (220 - age) would put a 40 year old person at a max HR of 180 and then the top of their zone 2 would be 180 x .75 = 135 which means they should do 80% of their exercising at a heart rate below 135 and reserve hard runs for only 20% of their workouts. There are other methods for calculating z2 which are considered more accurate so that’s just to give you an idea.

My own zone 2 is 130 - 146 bpm and I try to run at around 135 bpm which is an extremely slow jog for me at around 14:00 minutes per mile. I may have to walk this summer when the heat gets high.

If walking puts you in zone 2, just walk. If you are still below zone 2 during walking but can’t stay in zone 2 while running, you can do run/walks or walk for the first 80% of your workout and then run for the last 20%. So in 30 minutes that would be 24 minutes walking and 6 minutes of running.

Another thing you can do to stay in zone 2 if walking is too easy is to do an incline walk on the treadmill or gentle spins on a stationary bike or elliptical.

Lots of zone 2 is emphasized because it’s the key to staying injury free and is really all that is needed to reap all of the aerobic benefits you’d get from exercising. So if walking puts you in zone 2 all you really need to do is walk, you wouldn’t have to run at all until your fitness improves. Trying to run in zone 4/5 if that’s all you can do is a recipe for getting injured because you’re putting a lot of stress on your body.

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and i thought i ran at a higher than avg HR being in the 150-165 range typically.

it might be the case that you could benefit from some intervals as opposed to slogging through more slow miles. run short but faster stuff. 30-60 seconds on at a fast pace. then rest a minute or so (v easy jog or walk) and do it again. usually pays some benefit to overall pace to do some stuff at a threshold speed

For the folks dealing with foot pain/plantar fasciitis, I’ve been listening to Peter Attia’s recent podcast episode with Courtney Conley, D.C. and have found it helpful and informative. Might be worth listening to, or watching on YouTube (she uses a foot model when describing tendons/bones/etc), to help get you back in to running shape.

His other podcast episodes are pretty informative as well, if a little complex and hard to follow sometimes. He uses a lot of technical jargon and lingo with his guests.

uh oh. i can’t flex 3 of my toes since the achilles rupture and not doing 100% of the PT. working on it still, but…

Ended up just under 37 minutes for my 5k. Nowhere close to what I used to be able to do, but better than I expected.

Turns out former American record holder Molly Huddle lives close enough that she showed up, won the women’s section by over 30 seconds.


Just ran the Bay to Breakers in SF. What a crazy spectacle! So many creative costumes!


Had a nice rail trail run this morning. Surprisingly, the cicadas were quite minimal. Much more action from them near my house in the suburbs than in the state park with thousands of trees and copious ground cover too.

Aleve and icy hot max are keeping the pain at bay, and I’m seeing my ortho next week. I really hope I can get PT and be able to pick this back up, because I’m determined. But if I can’t, that’s fine, at least I tried.


today’s run had a squirrel almost land on me. on the trail, heard the sound of twigs breaking, looked up to see the furball falling from about 30 ft up. landed 2 feet to my left w a thud and popped up and ran into the brush.

Fun event!

Probably about to break the story of another Boeing whisteblower.


Out for a run yesterday on a multi-use path. An older guy on a bike slowly passed me. He got caught at a light, so I made up most of the distance. After that, he must have slowed slightly as I caught him. He looked over and said I ran well, and that it must be because I have long legs (maybe I should cross post to insignificant signals thread?).

But then he asked me how far I was going, and I said 6 miles, and he asked if I meant 6 out and then turn around, and I said no, 6 miles total in a loop. He seemed unimpressed by that.

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