Running thread

And downhill? FoxNews?

no downhill settings on my treadmill, the highest is 10. I usually try to set it to at least 8

I’m not sure how to work my building’s machine so I stare at fuzzy TV static for an hour or so.

Is there a school of thought about stride rate for non-competitive runners? Apparently I do 158 spm at a few different speeds, don’t know if that’s something I want to futz with or not.

Is that a thing? I dunno, I’ve been passed by speedwalkers before lol so I guess my spm isn’t very high.

Saw this on my run/walk ths morning.
Those are mountains above Ojai. Ojai is at about 750ft. The snow line is around 6000ft.

Yesterday had a Topa Topa (the name of that range) Tux Stout. Oops crosspost.

This does not give a specific number but those prone to injury may decrease injury by increasing stride rate (which shortens stride length).

The findings suggest that increased stride rate (decreased stride length) affects impact peak, kinematics, and kinetics and therefore may be considered as a mechanism with which to influence injury risk and recovery of a runner. Specifically, similarities are seen across all studies, with decreased center of mass vertical excursion, GRF, impact shock and attenuation, and energy absorbed at the hip, knee, and ankle as step rate is increased or step length is decreased at a constant speed. Furthermore, some studies showed changes in axial reaction forces at the lumbar spine and angular velocity differences between the knee and rearfoot.The minimum change in step frequency required to observe biomechanical change was 10% in most cases however, changes were noted with as little as a 5% increase in step rate.

We saw that too and we’re surprised to see a bit of snow up there. It’s been pretty chilly lately though.

It was 44 when i got up this morning for my walk/run and 44 when i left after the game.

So I dunno how to feel about this one:

  • My heart rate has never been this low during a run
  • I have never run slower than this, like ever (could probably walk faster)

According to random people on the Internet though, that’s what I’m supposed to do.

That was Saturday and today was my scheduled zone 4 hard run, which felt much easier than I was expecting, so I’ll probably keep doing zone 2 for the time being.

What you are doing during the week is for helping you get through your Saturday run.

I think.

my HR is more or less in the 150-165 range when I am out and running. I try going slower and it is low 150’s. if I really slow it down I wouldn’t feel like I was running.

My weekly threshold runs are 30 minutes and I find that they’re a lot easier to do if I do more of the zone 2 stuff on the other days. 2 months ago I struggled to hold 165 bpm for more than 20 minutes before needing to walk but these last three weeks I was able to easily do it for 30 min and still had enough in the tank to go longer I think.

went out on a new trail this morning. It is a 5.3-mile loop, and I thought I was going clockwise. I wasn’t. I got off the trail and couldn’t see trail anywhere, so I turned around. After I got back to the trailhead, I looked at the map, and it took me about 15 minutes to figure out that I had been going the wrong direction. I can now recall where I ended up turning right onto a spur trail that I thought was the main, but wasn’t, and I was somewhat fooled by the fact that there were cut branches along the spur, fooling me into thinking it was intended to be that way. But at the bottom of a big descent, there wasn’t really anything, so I just meandered a bit until I hit one of those rail-trails that I knew wasn’t the intended one, because the intended one on the map just ran parallel to that.

I know better for next time.

It was muddy and slippery and treacherous a couple of times. I loved it.

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Those are always the fun adventures

ran 5 this afternoon. been riding the bike and running about 5x each per week. (yes, some days have AM/PM work).

tonight was on the roads (trail is too wet - i lack Bro’s sense of adventure) and felt quick-ish. checked the splits when I finished and was really pleased with the pace.

oh no, you won’t get me riding on those trails in that condition. waaaay too easy to go too fast and slip and take a 200-foot tumble ass over teakettle. At least with running I can slow down and control where I put a foot. waaaay less control with a bike.

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Also shouldn’t be riding trails when it’s muddy since it ruins the trail. Don’t be that guy.

for clarity - I was running on the roads tonight. my bike is indoors. i won’t even run on the muddy adventure trails. would I ride an actual bike on such trails? not at this age