Running thread

This development also motivated me to step it up a notch in my running. Have mostly just been going for easy runs 2-3 times a week.

Ran a progressive run today (then cool down), with mile splits of 8:18, 8:01, 7:47, 7:23, 7:03, 8:30.

I of course track my runs in a spreadsheet. Looked up when I did a similar workout 2.5 years ago when I was faster. Did it about 20 seconds a mile faster then, also ran a 5:38 mile in that time frame. Seems about right, think it would be close if I could get under 6 right now. Gonna start doing a bit of track work, my son will be under 6 soon I expect.

Soon it may be time to hand over the baton

It’d be nice if my son were faster than me

bc I am slow

It undoubtedly will be, but I am a competetive bastard and am going to make him earn it.


Yeah, in general it has been great to watch my kids become better than me at things (my daughter could draw better than I can by age 6…). Amazing how fast humans can learn/improve at things at younger ages.

Went for a run today, was partially on a well used multi-use trail. As I was running, an older woman was walking the other way. As we got close, she started silent clapping, and then gave me a thumbs up. Seemed genuine, and not sarcastic.

Makes me wonder if she gives all runners such encouragement. Does she do the same in other avenues of her life and just tries to give positive feedback in general?


Were you struggling? I usually give a soft honk or thumbs up to a cyclist climbing a hill.

you still got it!

I will take your interpretation over dr_t_non-fan’s, though I don’t think it is really true.

Ran a progressive six miles again today.
Thing I am happiest about is how I felt in that fourth mile. Felt strong and comfortable, not how I would usually feel at 7:31 pace in recent times.

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would love to try and match that exactly. alas, next chance to do so will be on the treadmill. snow has fallen. the last two days the runs are on snow covered (2 inches) trails and that’s just me managing to get out and finish in one piece at 8’s.

Yuck. When we lived on the East Coast, remember running in such conditions occasionally…glad to not have to any more.

I use a treadmill occasionally, find it pretty boring, so prefer some type of structured run to keep changing it up, keep the boredom at bay.

few of my runs on the 'mill are “n miles at same pace.” i try to stave off boredom and move the pace around. like increase it by 0.2mph every 2-3 minutes. then reach some peak and try to hold on (it isn’t boring when you are at threshold!) or step down in the same structured manner

Just pulled my treadmill up from the basement. North of 15,000kilometers on it. It’s time to go.

coincidentally, my daughter has an upgraded version of the one I’m getting rid of. Also coincidentally, she bought a pelaton subscription this week so now she wants rid of the treadmill. Score!

Unfortunately, son in law has a bad back right now, and hercules the son is at a conference. And my spouse is totally useless that way. Another score, I just realized I’ve got dozens of young healthy university students that owe me big time. So yeah, one text to herc junior the masters in math, and I’ve got lifting help this afternoon to move the ‘new’ treadmill.

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Also, why the eff did I pull the motor out of the treadmill, set it aside, and think, ‘hey, I bet I could use that someday’. My gawd, I don’t like hoarding and sprawl, yet here we are. Collecting stuff I might use some day. More likely it’ll sit in the shed til spring when i organize the shed again then I’ll throw it out.
Til then, if any of youse guys need a motor, hmu.

I had a treadmill once. That was a temporary season in life when I couldn’t leave small children and a vulnerable adult in the house for an hour at a time and risk myself getting hit on the road. I don’t think I got 15k k on it, but I had enough that I was able to wear out one deck (had it replaced) and the original motor (had it repaired). I don’t like running on the treadmill (boring, as others have mentioned, though i did watch a lot of my old Simpsons DVDs to pass some of the time), so now I just go outside and bundle up if it’s cold, suffer if it’s hot.

i do it mainly bc the roads and surfaces here are too uneven and slippery in winter. once we get the snow/ice cover, i am on the mill.

I haven’t been on a run in about a year. Been pretty much only biking for exercise lately. Will be on vacation all next week without my bike so I might strap on the shoes and do a couple of runs.

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Ran a 5K this morning. Trying to remember last time I ran a 5K - maybe 7 years ago?

It was a 10K/5K, and the 10K started at 9:00, and the 5K at 9:10. Except that they started the 5K at 9:06, and with no warning, the horn just went off. I was lined up, but not ready to start my watch, so I ran without knowing pacing. Like a n00b, I started too fast.

At the 2 mile mark, heard a phone near me say 13:00, and finished in 20:40. I would estimate splits were 6:20, 6:40, 7:00, 0:40. I was hoping just to beat 7:00 pace, so was definitely happy with the time.

Makes me want to train for a 5K and see if I can get under 20 minutes again.