Rotisserie Guilt

Hey I heard rotisserie chickens were sold at a loss from places like grocery stores and Costco. I bought one to see what the hype was about and it wasn’t bad at all. Good enough for 2 meals or more if I mix it with other stuff.

But what if I just bought only rotisserie chickens or mostly rotisserie chickens such that the other stuff I get from the store doesn’t make up for the loss? Is that bad and should I feel bad? What emotion should I use here?

@Echo: Mmmmmm, chikkinz…

Don’t feel bad: lotsa other people buy stuff in addition to the chikkinz to contribute to sweet, sweet grocery margins!!! :+1:

You’re also paying $70/yr for a membership to buy those chickens. I suspect Costco will be fine but I think you should email Costco corporate and ask them to put you in touch with their FP&A team to discuss.

They set the price. If the chicken is worth more to you than the price they set, there is no guilt whatsoever on anyone’s part.

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Go crazy, spend another $1.50 on a hot dog and a soda on the way out.


Are you training for Mr Universe?

Well I calculated it, and half a chicken is 715 calories. I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast that’s like 300. Lunch is like 600. So I add some more veggies or carbs to reach 2000 calories for a day of food.

Not getting chicken is for guilt. Getting chicken is not for guilt. :dog:


I feel about as bad about buying loss leaders as I do about putting everything on my credit card, never paying interest, and cashing out my reward points each month.

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Also sold at a loss! You’ll put them under in no time!


Naw . . . they’ll make it up in volume.

  1. Well, Costco loses about… a dollar? So the-fuck what.
  2. You can feel however you want to feel. That’s in The Constitution!
  3. I think you need to do a general reboot, and the new update will be fully installed with added emotions for this type of situation.

Paying for a Costco membership is for suckers. You just need a friend with a membership willing to buy you a stack of $20 gift cards.

Maybe you could buy a rotisserie grill from Costco, but if they lose money on the purchase then you can set up another thread called Rotisserie Grillt.

Wait, if you have a gift card, you don’t need a membership to shop there? If so, then I was not aware of this hack!

Correct. If you have a $20 gift card, you can shop at Costco. Any amount you spend over the $20, you can pay for with whatever payment method you want. (That Costco accepts). So, if you give your friend $100 and they buy you 5 $20 gift cards, that’s 5 trips to Costco you can make.

I don’t know if it works on Gas or not.

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To me, it seems that it should work on a case of baked beans . . .


I thought the chickens they cook were the ones on the last sell-by date i.e. the ones that were going to have to be thrown out unless they get some sucker to buy them. So they’re making more money on that chicken than they would if someone didn’t. No guilt to he had.

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Well, I’m stealing this life hack!

Not really, it was given to you.

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