RIP Zombie AO

The back door is dead.

All gone.

Yeah, I went to check after a bit of a vacation and there’s nothing there anymore. Kind of a bummer.

I’m sad :frowning:

The funny thing (for me, anyway) was that it went KABOOM right after I posted in the Exam Fora about not discussing exam material during the CAS test window.

And I mean, I finished posting, went to another thread and it came up site can’t be found.

You broke it!

Your avatar is Patty Simpson ao killer!!! She killed it!!! :angry:

It was a fun run. It is sad that a community has disappeared.

Patience checking in. I will probably finish out my games and call it quits.

I find the format difficult


I have a feeling that once I get used to the format this place will be nicer to use than the AO. There are a lot of useful functions here - I just don’t know how to use all of them yet.

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I will admit I love my new Icon

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Bye old place! Hi new place!


It’s different. There are some advantages and some disadvantages. I really like how quoting works in this software. I miss some of the old emojis, but it’s nice being able to use all the standard ones. It takes some adjusting, but it’s okay.

I’m sad to lose your movie content.

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I haven’t quite gotten used to the quoting here. I really find it annoying to do it on my phone (I dislike selecting text on the phone in general). Maybe I’m just not doing it the most effective way…

I’ve only used the quoting feature on a pc. it’s easy on a pc. probably annoying on a phone.

there is an app, so that is a plus

I didn’t mean it as an honor, I chose a scary Halloween costume this year. But, yeah, I suppose it should go. Sorry.

no, it’s funny! keep it!

i just happened to be looking at the dw simpson website and your post at the same time and was like, WAIT THAT’S PATTY SIMPSON!

I guess I’m going to have to learn how this place works then.

Sad to see it go.