RIP Zombie AO

I’m a little bummed that in 500 years when archaeologists dig up the AO, my last avatar was of ao fan’s Chanukah pup.

I was starting to like zombie AO. It was like a private server for the remaining 25-30 of us.


GW, you are forever my RPS champion, regardless of forum.

you knew the ao was going down. it’s your own damn fault. it’s a great avatar though.

I lose internet for a few days, and the AO splodes? No fair! Oh well.

I’m just sad there may be no record of JFG’s thread, in case any of us wanted to base a screenplay off of it.


hopefully the screenplay would tie up the loose ends that JFG refused to do.

I know what I think and I’m pretty sure I’m right, but out of respect for him, I won’t speculate here.

yeah, i shouldn’t have said that. i don’t want to scare JFG away before he even gets here. I won’t badger him on that.

But if we are making a movie, we can make it come out how we want. Based on a true story and all that.

Artistic license.



At least I still have the files on my computer:

avatar17013_61 avatar27830_15

Awwww…such a cute couple!

Notice the look of consternation on Link’s visage.

The look that says “how the hell did this ball 'n chain get strapped to my ankle”?

I look cute

Maybe one of these?
:sparkler: :tada: :confetti_ball: :fireworks: :firecracker: :diya_lamp:
Or these?
:guitar: :saxophone: :drum: :notes:
or maybe these?
:carousel_horse: :ferris_wheel: :circus_tent:

I was able to find these, along with many others:
:canada: :us:

AFAIK JFG ended with the same post count I did. 7777.

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I keep clicking the bookmark as if the site has merely been down.

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What ever happened to 2Pac?