RIP thread

One of the great photos of the 20th century.

Heh, I heard Jim Lovell speak and he explained that each of the Apollo 8 astronauts claims that they are the ones who took that picture and they’re honestly not completely positive. He explained each man’s rationale (including his own) for why it must have been him who took the photo. And then talked about a number of other things, including Apollo 13.

Lovell then ended his speech with the words “Ladies and gentlemen I am here today to tell you: I was the senior member of the Apollo 8 crew, and the Command Module Pilot and I am the one who took that earth rise photograph.”

That got a laugh out of the audience.

(Apparently since it was Anders’ specific job to take photos they credit him, but the camera was passed around a lot and they truly don’t know.)

Anyway, RIP Anders.