RIP Thread: Sports edition

Lee Elder, first African American to be allowed to play the Masters.

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CJ Hunter, former Natl Champ and Olympian as a Shot Putter. Ex of Marion Jones. (Both implicated in Balco scandal I think.)

I am curious if there was a point he qualified but was barred from playing

Not Elder, but a few other black golfers had “qualified.” According to LA Times: Pete Brown and Charlie Sifford won PGA events before him, but were not invited. Winning was an auto-qualify at the time, as long as you were white. Not sure of the actual wording of the rule, which might not even have existed (an unwritten rule, you might call it).

Well they probably had something “as long as there was no violation of the rules of the club”

Found something on The Ringer:

Even the nature of his tournament invitation was soured by the climate of the sport. He should’ve qualified years earlier after winning the 1971 Nigerian Open, but Masters chairman Clifford Roberts refused to let him in. Elder’s congressional representative, Herman Badillo, nearly brokered a deal, but the golfer nixed it out of respect for all the Black competitors who’d been outlawed by Augusta before him.

Interesting article.
Gerald Williams RIP cancer sucks 55 too young.


Jeremy Giambi slides out of life at 47, no cause of death yet listed. RIP

Suicide - shot himself


RIP “The Cat”

Julio Cruz - Seattle 2B

Ken Burrough - Very good Houston WR of the 70s

Lionel “little train” James dead at 59 after a long but undisclosed illness. I remember that backfield with him, Agee, and some guy name Bo at Auburn in the early 80s. He was an inspiration to smaller players as he set a then nfl record for all purpose yardage for the Charges a few years later.

RIP John Landy, second man to break the four minute mile barrier.

Also famous for competing in the “Mile of the Century”. This was the mile event at the 1954 British Empire Games in Vancouver where Roger Bannister beat him in a dramatic come from behind finish.


Odalis Perez - 44 - fell off a ladder at home

was a pretty decent pitcher early in his career

That was the classic scenario where the front runner looks to their left to see where the next guy is and gets passed on the right.

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That doesn’t happen anymore as they watch it on the big screen in the stadium.


Apologize if this was posted elsewhere. His commercial is found at the link.

Tommy Davis - excellent Dodger, two time batting champ - age 83