RIP thread guidelines

Why would I be flagged for not cursing while multiple posts use "fuck’

Probably someone who thought it was totally cool to jack up someone’s shoulder in a meaningless exhibition games.


I kid, I kid. And I’m not the one who reported the post.

maybe you should try “Let’s go Brandon”


This is a RIP thread, not a social/political commentary thread.

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You were not flagged for cursing. You were flagged for off-topic content in an RIP thread.

Really? I’m mean, being a Cincinnati girl I have a reflexive instinct to defend Pete Rose at all times, but saying “f*** Pete Rose” seems applicable in an RIP thread about a man that he caused a lifelong-injury to, in a move that caused widespread criticism. It seems on-topic enough / not terribly off-topic.

Like, if we had an RIP thread about, say, John McCain, could we not say “f*** Trump” in it?

If this post needs to be moved out of the RIP thread, that’s fine, but I am curious how the rules work.

Or… did the person who hid the post not know the history of Ray Fosse and Pete Rose???

Should that matter?

Better questions: “Is it common knowledge about these two?” and “What is the impression/precedence for those that do not?”

Good idea, I moved this discussion.

Personally, I would not appreciate posts saying “f*** Trump” in the RIP thread, even if we were discussing McCain. So I approved the flag of the post. I didn’t know the history, but honestly, I assumed it was something like that. I didn’t think it was a random comment.

I guess others feel differently. This thread is meant for discussion, not for me to unilaterally set rules. So discuss away.

Eh, I think you should be able to criticize someone who caused harm to the deceased in a thread about the deceased.

Could you say “f*** the Viet Cong” in an RIP thread about McCain?

That’s probably a more apt comparison, actually since in both cases the deceased was physically harmed by the other party.

Making political/social comments in any thread runs the (high) risk of derailing that thread to the “new” topic. RIP threads, IMO, should strive to avoid derailments. The post in question, IMO, wasn’t intended to do that, but if someone is not in “the know” regarding baseball (for reference, neither of my kids don’t know about this issue), the post could set the precedence to make further inflammatory posts about social/political issues.

There are better places to express such specific sentiments . . . if this was a specific thread about Ray Fosse, I’d be inclined to not worry about it as much as it would be clear that there’s “some connection” and follow up discussion could be enjoined. But in a general RIP thread . . . I have concerns.

Probably the most infamous baseball injury of all time.

I mean there’s Schilling’s bloody sock, but that wasn’t really infamous. At least not until it became a political thing several years later.

Ah, but i watched the blood spread over that sock, so I remember it.

But anyway, someone reported as off-topic. And i assumed it was something like that, but approved the report anyway. Because hating on someone who hurt the decreased doesn’t seem like it belongs in the general rip thread. I think I’d be more inclined to leave it in a thread dedicated to that person, fwiw. And feel free to create such threads of you want a more extensive discussion of someone who recently died.

Fair enough.

Do we have guidelines for BIH threads? A birdie says I may have a desire to start one pretty soon.

I think we have one of those, no need to start a new one.

What a bunch of crap. The first reaction shouldn’t be “report a post.” Try googling WTF someone might trying to convey, and learn something instead.
I thought we were more a community interested in learning things, not reacting irrationally, because (I thought) we are a bunch of knowledge-gatherers.

That said, he WAS blocking the plate, he was a catcher who knew the rules at the time. I say, let 'em crash!

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What a bunch of crap. The first reaction shouldn’t be “rage about moderation”. Try reading the thread and understanding why someone might have reported the post, and learn something.

You might disagree with the moderation anyway, but your objections are unrelated to what happened.

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Juan Marichal hitting Johnny Roseboro with a bat and
Ray Chapman being killed by a HBP
The Piazza beaning by Clemens is up there as well

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'cause they were ignorant?
I knew that already.