Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

Eh, healthy as in “didn’t have AIDS or cancer before you signed up”. Not “never needs to go to the doctor”.


Yeah their hobbies are lifeguarding and public service. Even if their hobbies were something else, I definitely said $24,000 of wages and the rest was retirement distributions.

Hmmm, well I will disclose that in their state virtually all public non-federal jobs are part of PERS and do not pay into Social Security.

I guess they do pay into Medicare, so I was wrong to say no payroll taxes. They must be paying Medicare on everything but the poll-worker income, but that isn’t much.

I have to admit that if I read far enough back I can find it. I kind of got distracted by this stuff with three kids. So the plan was to minimize taxable income with Roth distributions. I saw this

they were shooting for $2.5 million total, all of their own contributions Roth and once …

And wasn’t sure what that meant. I assumed that nobody could put $2.5 million into qualified plans in only 18 years, so they had to have non-qualified money. But, I never asked for an explanation.

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Probably some is non-qualified. But you still don’t pay FICA tax on non-qualified distributions.

I was trying to say that the stuff they were contributing themselves was Roth to the max that they were able to do so.

So like say he made $200,000 a year. He was putting in the max 401k contribution, 100% Roth. His employer was also kicking money into retirement, which will be taxable as they withdraw it. And they were kicking in the max to his wife’s Roth IRA.

I’m sure they must have been contributing more into Profit Sharing & just general savings / investment accounts. I think they were living off a tiny fraction of his income, especially once the house was paid off.

Could you folks stop fucking talking about this shit??

You’re crowding out the real purpose of this thread.


I feel like we need this thread because one day, 2 years from now Twig is going to vote for DeSantis over Newsom because of the way that Newsom structured his CA EV Policy in an potentially less-than-optimal manner (depending on how things go in 15 years). Also that one time she drove all day long with a Thanksgiving turkey for some people that care neither about thanksgiving or food.


Do you actually think they woild havd been able to get decent insurance in the individual market without Obamacare?


Or the rest of society

Or if your kid was born with cystic fibrosis…

I know there’s hardly any of those. Maybe around the same number of people who need ICE trucks. Interesting which margins people fine with wiping out and which are stringently defended.

This is what I find maddening about those who say both “save the babies” and “f— Obamacare.”

(Back around to Republicans saying the darndest things.)


If seeing a doctor is your goal, then you don’t really need insurance.

What do you think of the group market? My employer insurance rates are quite expensive. I have to pay for my coworkers’ cancers, mental health, diabetes, asthma, chrons disease, high risk pregnancies, various million dollar biologics, and yet here I am, young, male, and fit as a fiddle.

Would you say it’s a failure? Should we charge employees according to their need? Should I have more take home compensation?

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I wouldn’t say the group market is a failure.

I think Obamacare was patently unfair in how the costs of covering the uninsured with pre-existing conditions were forced onto a tiny subset of the population while a majority of voters, including virtually everyone on this board, was protected from ever having to pay for those folks.

Last I checked, Obamacare premiums were not wildly different from the group market.

Also premiums and cost shares are subsidized by the federal government, so it’s incorrect to say we aren’t paying for them.

Again, imo, Obamacare is like Group, as a huge wealth transfer from the healthy and wealthy to the sick and poor. Group insurance just did a better job of hiding it.




Or you had diabetes. Or …

Yes, Obamacare spread the cost of massive misfortune that is totally outside your control, and that means the fortunate need to pay more. What a horrible tragedy.


You know, it’s almost what the religious figurehead many of the Rs claim they follow would advocate.


According to this the average cost of group coverage is $7,739.

Silver plans can run a LOT higher. For example, for a 63 year-old male non-smoker in Ohio (about my Dad’d situation when Obamacare went in, but today’s prices) the silver plan average is $1,064 a month, which is $12,678 a year.

That’s 65% higher. And obviously it can go up from there if you were 64 or a smoker or wanted a gold or platinum plan.

And of course, since he’d been on an underwritten plan pre-Obamacare, his premium went up WAY more than 65%. I think the premium quadrupled AND was a worse plan, although I’d have to double-check that with him.

Naw, Jesus never advocated forcible charity.