Reply to more than one post at once

Is there a way to reply to more than one post in a single post, so that more than one previous post is connected to one reply? I could see that being useful if, say, person A makes a post, then person B replies to that post, but person C wanted to address both person A and person B at once.

You can quote both posts

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True, and then I think I saw in a post that tagging is a thing at this site? I guess when you combine those two features, you can already do this.


You mean like this?

Exactly like that. How do you do that?

Highlight the text you want, the word “quote” should pop-up for you to select, and that quote will be added to the draft post at the bottom of the screen.

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You can do that for multiple posts (they don’t even need to be in the same thread).

Perfect. Thanks!

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