18 - 83%

cheated - when I got through the Scandinavian countries, I wasn’t going to think of it

Any thoughts on who gets bragging rights in tie break situations? At first I thought that higher accuracy was more impressive but others at work point out that a lower percentage means that you were able to make the correct guess with less useable words

The variable we don’t know is what the other people guessed. If you played ‘that’ and ‘which,’ that’s different than playing some weird word that only gets one hit in the eighth paragraph. And early guesses are often stabs in the dark, so I think luck has a strong influence on your first however many guesses. I almost wish it gave you the sum of all of your hits. But that might just make it murkier still, idk.

So, I’m not sure there’s a clear answer on tie-breaking.

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That’s interesting. There are some words that have a high probability of getting a hit (like the ones you mentioned - be, not and can are some others) but don’t really help much in narrowing down the answers.

Other words have a lower hit rate but can get you there faster - eg. century, country, north.

39 - 87.18%

I needed help from a map.

19 84.21% cheated

I knew where it was, but just couldn’t come up with the name.

“James” was a useful hit for Francis Bacon the other day… as was “Shakespeare”

I often use “not”, “called” and “known”,


some of the generic “filler” terms can help identify the “type” of entry you’re looking at, if it’s not obvious. Because of a lot of the stuff stripped off for redactle purposes, it’s not always obvious if you’re looking at an entry about a person, place, thing, concept, event, organization, etc.

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I solved today’s Redactle (#294) in 72 guesses with an accuracy of 73.61%

25, 80%

My European geography is rusty.

What is the difference?

Same game as redactle (perhaps a knockoff - don’t know which one was first) but they choose a different wikipedia entry (out of the 10,000 permitted) for the day. Slightly different format.

There’s also Redactle Unlimited.

143 - 31%

went through the alphabet to get --_ abbreviation I didn’t understand
then too much time on Bible & Hebrew
finally got Arabic and after getting little on content guessed a four letter word

306 22.22%. Cheated.

I solved today’s Redactle (#295) in 69 guesses with an accuracy of 27.54%. Played at

84, 33%

Cheated. I had no clue, I also got all the letters and that got me nothing with the a-m-r thing. I figured this one could take a thousand guesses and I wasn’t feeling it today.

One thousand and one guesses might have been more appropriate

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I solved today’s Redactle (#295) in 50 guesses with an accuracy of 46.00%.

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41, 71%

‘Process’ was my first guess, decent. By guess ten I had water, chemical, reaction, and temperature. I made it way too complicated, was thinking this was some arcane word I learned in chemistry class 20 years ago. By guess 27 I knew it was fuel being used in an exothermic chemical process, and that really should have done it.

147 - 68%